18 Chilmark-Recommended Sessions for HIMSS’18

by | Feb 21, 2018

For those of you who are overwhelmed by looking through the HIMSS18 session schedule (and those of you who have been meaning to look but haven’t gotten to it yet), here’s Chilmark Research’s short list of sessions we expect to be worthwhile, as chosen by our analyst team. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but will hopefully steer our readers to a few quality sessions they may have otherwise overlooked or missed with how many options there are at any given time. We will likely have at least one team member at most of these sessions, so if something piques your interest, feel free to reach out to coordinate meeting at the session to discuss the topic further (email analysts directly or shannon@chilmarkresearch.com for meetings).

We’d love to hear feedback on what sessions you’re excited for – feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments.


From Big Data to Big Knowledge: Optimizing Medication Management

Wednesday, March 7, 1:00pm-2:00pm; Venetian, Palazzo D

CME Credits: AAHAM 1.00; ABPM 1.00; ACPE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00; PDU 1.00


  • David Webster, Associate Director of Pharmacy Operations, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Maria Schutt, Director, Education and Optimization Services, BD, Medication Management Solutions

Why Attend: The application of analytics to time purchasing of medical supplies – in this case medication – is something we typically don’t cover in our own research, but is a growing consideration in the move to VBC. This session will be of interest to healthcare system CFOs and COOs that are looking to find new ways to streamline business operations and identify opportunities to reduce their unit costs of care delivery.

Creating Value via Analytics and AI-Driven Interactive Radiology Reports

Wednesday, March 7, 4:00-5:00pm; Venetian, Murano 3304

CME Credits: ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Cree Gaskin, Professor, Vice Chair, ACMIO, University of Virginia Health System
  • Les Folio, Lead CT Radiologist, National Institutes of Health

Why attend: AI will have some of its near-term and largest impacts in radiology (lines at RSNA last year were around the block). This session will show how AI and analytics are bringing together clinicians, technologists, and data scientists to go beyond what any could do alone.


Care Management

Embracing Longitudinal Person-Centered Care Plans

Wednesday, March 7, 11:30 to 12:30 a.m., Venetian, Murano 3304

CME Credits: ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Terry O’Malley, MD, Internist/Geriatrician, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Evelyn Gallego, CEO and Founder, EMI Advisors, LLC

Why attend: Individualized care plans are increasingly becoming a requirement for a number of state and federal value-based reform programs. This session will provide an overview of that as well as looking at how these various programs are looking at creating a longitudinal care plan across multiple settings of care.

Innovative Use of Technology in the Home to Improve Diagnosis and Care: A Davies Story

Thursday, March 8, 11:30 to 12:30 a.m., Venetian, Murano 3301

CME Credits: ACHE 1.00; ACPE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Matthew Kull, SVP and CIO, Parkland Health and Hospital System
  • Geneva Jane Castro, BSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Informatics, Case Manager, Lana’i Community Health Center
  • Joseph Humphry, MD Medical Director, Lana’i Community Health Center
  • Joseph Longo, VP of IT Enterprise Technologies, Parkland Health and Hospital System

Why attend: The shift to home-based care is going to be an important part of value-based care especially since CMS’ decision to reimburse providers for remote patient monitoring as of January 1st. This session presents two Davies award winners and how they used home-based IT including remote patient-monitoring to improve the quality of care while reducing costs.



Connected Care IRL (In Real Life)

Wednesday, March 7, 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.; Venetian, Palazzo G

CME Credits: CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Lygeia Ricciardi, President, Clear Voice Consulting, LLC
  • Jen Horonjeff, Founder & CEO, Savvy Cooperative
  • Michael Joseph, Founder & CEO, Prime Dimensions, LLC; Executive Director, empathy.health

Why attend: Healthcare organizations cannot identify actionable strategies and tactics for improving patient engagement without hearing from patients firsthand about their experiences within the system – both good and bad. In this session, two patients will discuss their personal experiences and also share tips to help HCOs raise patients’ voices and even compensate them for sharing their time and expertise.

Designing from the Inside Out: Taking a Strategic Approach

Thursday, March 8, 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., Sands Show Room

CME Credits: ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00; PDU 1.00

Speaker: Iris Berman ,Vice President, Telehealth Services, Northwell Health

Why attend: Effective telehealth implementation requires significant strategic planning; otherwise, solutions are deployed on an ad hoc basis, different business units adopt different strategies and tactics, and scaling a telehealth program becomes increasingly difficult. This session covers the ins and outs of planning for a telehealth program — and then scaling it across a network of hospitals.



HIEs, CommonWell, Carequality Can Work Together: Here’s How

Tuesday, March 7, 4:00pm – 5:00pm; Venetian, Murano 3301

CME Credits: ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Jon Kansky, President and CEO, Indiana Health Information Exchange
  • Keith Kelley, Vice President, Solution Delivery, Indiana Health Information Exchange

Why attend: IHIE is probably the foremost exchange organization in the U.S. and understands how efforts like CommonWell and Carequality can help move the needle on exchange.

A FHIR-Enabled Ecosystem for Health Information Sharing

Thursday, March 8, 4:00pm – 5:00pm; Venetian, Murano 3301

CME Credits: ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00

Speaker: David Hay, Product Strategist, Orion Health

Why attend: We expect this will provide a good overview of how FHIR will simplify the mechanics of data exchange and reduce the learning curve for developers.


Population Health Management

Population Health and Data Foster Success in 23 MIPS ACOs

Tuesday, March 6, 4:00-5:00pm; Venetian, Lando 4204

CME Credits: ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Tim Putnam, Chief Executive Officer, Margaret Mary Health
  • Lynn Barr, President and CEO, Caravan Health

Why attend: Caravan Health has an unique model for establishing ACOs, as discussed in last March’s Vendors Enabling the ACO Report. Learning from their experiences working with smaller, rural providers to establish cross-state MSSP ACOs will highlight some of the unique problems facing more loosely organized ACOs (opposed to IDN-based ACOs). Furthermore, MIPS is generally pretty confusing to a lot of people in the industry, and this session should help clarify some of that confusion to give ideas on how to adjust strategy for success.

Status of HIT Adoption in LTPAC: Drivers and Policy Options

Wednesday, March 7, 4:30pm – 5:30pm; Sands Hall G, Booth 11955ET


  • Joshua R Vest, Associate Professor, Indiana University
  • Larry Wolf, Chief Transformation Officer, Matrixcare
  • Lorren Pettit, VP, Research, HIMSS North America

Why attend: What happens post-discharge has broad implications for how well providers can do in risk sharing contracts. Hopefully, this will provide some ideas on how these under-technologied providers can participate more fully.


Provider-Payer Convergence

Closing the Gap: Risk Insights at Point of Care

Tuesday March 6, 1:00-2:00pm; Venetian, Galileo 901

CME Credits: AAHAM 1.00; ABPM 1.00; ACHE 1.00; AHIMA 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00; PDU 1.00


  • Heather Trafton, Vice President, Operations, Steward Health Care Network
  • Catherine Turbett, Director, Practice Performance Improvement, Steward Health Care Network

Why attend: Closing care gaps has been on HCO leaders’ minds for a few years now, but there are still plenty of headaches when it comes to activating physicians to use tools at the point of care. Hear from Boston-based ACO Steward Health what they are doing to solve this problem – the part of the description that hooked us? The use of these data to “ensure appropriate reimbursement to fund [VBC] programs.”

The Payer/Provider Perspective on Interoperability – The DaVinci Project

Wednesday, March 7, 11:30am – 12:30pm; Sands Hall G, Booth 11955ET


  • James Lenel, Business Lead – Health Information Exchange & Innovation, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • Kirk Anderson, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Cambia Health Plans and Shared Solutions
  • Mark Gingrich, Chief Information Officer, Surescripts
  • Shafiq Rab, Senior VP and Chief Information Officer, Rush University Medical Center

Why attend: Getting payers and providers to see eye-to-eye on information sharing is not easy. DaVinci is trying to reduce the need for participants to reinvent wheels.

Lessons Learned: Transformation Across Large Healthcare Communities

Wednesday, March 7, 2:30am – 3:30pm; Venetian, Lando 4204

CME Credits: CAHIMS 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Ashwini Zenooz, Chief Medical Officer, VA Electronic Health Record Modernization (EHRM), Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Brigitte Nettesheim, President, Joint Venture Market Operations, Clinical Services & Joint Venture Markets, Aetna
  • Tricia Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer, Inova Commonwealth Health Network

Why attend: Convergence among healthcare stakeholders has been taking many forms, as covered in our inaugural Convergence conference (session recordings) in October 2017. This session looks at some of the organizations taking lead on implementing these new types of business models, sharing their lessons learned to help others that are entering this revamp cycle.


Our Sessions:

The Learning Health System & AI

Monday, March 5, 9:55-10:20am; The Wynn Las Vegas, Lafleur


  • Ken Kleinberg, VP of Research, Chilmark Research
  • Joshua Rubin,Program Officer, Learning Health System Initiatives, University Of Michigan Medical School

Why attend: As AI gains in healthcare, the hype grows as well. This session will discuss survey results of Learning Health System initiatives organizations and their vendors regarding their opinions of where AI will have its greatest effect, how these solutions are being sourced, and to what degree they would allow AI systems to influence their own treatment.

HIMSS Social Media Ambassador Meetup (general link)

Tuesday, March 6, 3:00-3:45 p.m., HIMSS Spot (Level 2, Lobby C)

Speakers: Brian Eastwood, Engagement Analyst, Chilmark Research; 19 other Social Media Ambassadors

Why attend: HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors are selected based on their ability to influence industry discourse, identify emerging technologies, amplify awareness of health IT’s importance, and honor those leading the effort to shift the industry’s IT priorities. Hear from Brian and the 19 other HIMSS18 Social Media Ambassadors about how social media informs and broadens their industry expertise.

The EHR App Store is Open — What is on the Shelf?

Wednesday, March 7, 11:30am-12:30pm; Venetian, Palazzo G

CME Credits:  ACHE 1.00; CAHIMS 1.00; CME 1.00; CNE 1.00; CPHIMS 1.00


  • Ken Kleinberg, VP of Research at Chilmark (Moderator)
  • Janet Campbell, VP, Patient Engagement, Epic
  • Michael Palantoni, Director, Platform Strategy and Operations, athenahealth
  • Tina Joros, GM, Open Business Unit, Allscripts

Why Attend: This session will discuss how EHR vendor developer programs have evolved to include App Stores, how formal they are, what types of data they allow access to, and how they handle oversight, security, and revenue sharing. It will be of interest to a growing number of EHR clients, partners, and even competitors desiring access to the “keys to the kingdom” to offer new and innovative functionality.


Other Sessions

How CMS is Leveraging Information and Technology in Medicare and Medicaid

Tuesday, March 6, 8:30-9:30am; Venetian, Palazzo K

CME Credits: ACHE 1.00

Speaker: Seema Verma, Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Why attend: Learn how the new administration is using IT to manage CMS offerings and services. Hear first hand from the organization’s top executive what to expect from the nation’s largest payer in the next couple years.

Blockchain Reset – Seeing Through the Hype and Starting Down the Path

Tuesday, March 6, 9:30-10:30am; Sands Hall G Booth 11955ET


  • Corey Todaro, Chief Product Officer and Director of Hashed Labs, Hashed Health
  • David Houlding, Director of Healthcare Privacy & Security, Intel Health & Life Sciences
  • Emily Vaughn, Blockchain Product Director, Change Healthcare
  • Mike Jacobs, Senior Distinguished Engineer – Blockchain Evangelist, Optum
  • Ted Tanner, Co-founder & CTO, PokitDok

Why attend: If you’re curious about blockchain in healthcare, this is the panel for you. Expect a good overview of applications and uses in healthcare today, what’s actually possible, and where this technology could be applied near term for most impact. Definitely bring your tough questions as this session is loaded with experts.



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