by Alex Lennox-Miller | June 01, 2021

Hot Take | Remote Patient Monitoring: Enabling Omnichannel Care in the Home

Delivering insights on care outcomes – and not just more data noise As the virtual care landscape continues to grow and shift, many questions surrounding the future of remote patient monitoring (RPM) are emerging. Issues ranging from accessibility, to devices, infrastructure, and more are all facets of the remote care

by John Moore III | May 19, 2021

So What? Your Guide to the Biden Administration’s Key Health IT Influencers, Appointees and Leaders

Breaking Down What to Expect in a Changing Landscape Chilmark Research is proud to introduce a new video series, "So What?" In this series, we'll be distilling down some of the more nuanced ideas and concepts that our research covers, not only for healthcare and HIT professionals, but everyday users

by Brian Murphy | April 14, 2021

The Continued Bipartisan Push for Transparency

Are new APIs and integration services up to the challenge? As I've noticed throughout my career as an analyst, new technologies and approaches generally get used in new projects. Our latest Market Trends Report, Integration Infrastructure: Building 21st Century Healthcare IT, provides a comprehensive view of the variety of new

by John Moore III | April 01, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole of Health IT: Are we all just mad here?

Join us for a special dive down the rabbit hole of healthcare and health information technology. Chilmark's Vice President discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has delivered an amazing opportunity to drive significant improvements in the way both patients and healthcare organizations are able to access and utilize all the data

by Brian Murphy | March 23, 2021

Hot Take | Immunization Tracking: A Uniquely Pertinent Case for Interoperability

In this Hot Take, our Director of Research, Brian Murphy, digs into a timely example of one of the important ways healthcare interoperability is currently lacking: easily accessible immunization records. As the COVID vaccine rollout accelerates, the need to have vaccination status as a retrievable data point in patient health

by John Moore III | March 16, 2021

The Golden Opportunity for Clinical Data

Delivering on the promise of digitized health records In this Hot Take, we’re going to look at the implications and possibilities of an emerging market for clinical health care data. While healthcare data being for sale is nothing new, the idea of this type of detailed, computable patient data being

by Brian Murphy | March 10, 2021

Setting the Stage: Integration Infrastructure

Join Brian and John as they discuss Brian's latest research on Integration Infrastructure in healthcare, particularly its role in enabling health information technologies. This framing is an evolution of our long-running coverage of what used to be referred to as health information exchange (HIE) technologies. The research adds to our

by Alex Lennox-Miller | March 09, 2021

Hot Take | Investments in New Behavioral Health Models

In this Hot Take, Sr Analyst Alex Lennox-Miller discusses recent investments in new behavioral health technologies. We've seen a lot of movement in virtual care overall in the past 12-18 months, and one of the most exciting things about this trend how many investments have been in such a historically
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