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Reducing the Risk of Risk-Based Arrangements: Vendors Enabling the ACO

by Jennifer Rogers | February 07, 2017

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Despite the complexity of the ACO model, ACO growth has climbed steadily since 2012, with over 1,300 ACO contracts now executed in the U.S. Yet, this VBC model is by no means mainstream, covering only 10% of the U.S. population. Despite this relatively small number, our in-depth research uncovered a market that is far from plateauing and will see accelerated growth as both commercial and government payers look to ACO models of care as key to their efforts to rein in costs while improving quality and access to care.

Based on briefings with 10 ACO Enabler vendors as well as extensive secondary research, this Market Scan Report from Chilmark Research investigates the market and technology challenges of setting up an ACO and answers the following questions:

  • What technology gaps do ACOs most need to fill in order to be successful?
  • What are the challenges to filling those gaps? Are they able to be filled with current technology and legacy vendors or not?
  • What partners, if any, does the vendor rely on to provide technology solutions to ACOs?
  • Where are ACOs overcomplicating their technology infrastructure and need to simplify solutions and vendors?
  • Where do significant gaps remain that HCOs struggle to fill?

The report opens by identifying key components and requirements of at-risk providers and ACOs, including a discussion of ACO market growth and historical challenges encountered. The report discusses assessment criteria and guidance on the technology requirements and hurdles faced by ACOs then takes a detailed look at the 10 specific vendors selling full ACO enablement solutions. It concludes with projections of the future market trajectory, as well as recommendations for both ACOs and the Enabler vendor niche.

Anyone interested in better understanding the ACO model, its growth pattern and projected trajectory, as well as the vendors who support this market segment and their projected market evolution, will gain strategic insight from reading this report. This includes, but is by no means limited to: HCOs, payers, healthcare IT vendors, consultants, investors, patient advocates. Direct inquiries regarding non-profit and academic discounts to John Moore III.

Vendors Profiled: Aledade, Caravan Health, CHESS, Cognizant, Conifer Health Solutions, Evolent, McKesson, Optum, Premier Inc, and TMA PracticeEdge

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