by Fatma Niang | September 26, 2022

Ambiguities on the Horizon for Interoperability Laws

What exactly is set to change come October 6th? How does this change patient engagement strategies? Key Takeaways Recognizing that implementing a rule that favors information sharing while giving discretion to entities is a monumental change. Various entities are unprepared and assert that they need more time, particularly those for

by Jody Ranck | September 20, 2022

Setting the Stage: AI and Trust in Healthcare

Our latest report, AI and Trust in Healthcare, is available now! Featuring an examination of an increasingly important issue in healthcare, this report explores some of the emergent problems with implementing AI, relating to creating trust and eliminating bias. Senior Analyst Jody Ranck dropped by to give us some perspective

by Jody Ranck | September 09, 2022

AI and Trust in Healthcare: A New Report from Chilmark Research

Key Takeaways Trust is becoming a form of social capital in the healthcare AI arena that demands a comprehensive approach.  A number of flawed algorithms have entered the market and been found to include bias and lack reproducibility or transparency. This has the impact of damaging trust; more needs to

by John Moore | September 02, 2022

Pushing Hard: Epic’s UGM’22

This being the first full-on UGM since the pandemic (yes, there was a UGM last year, albeit thinly attended) it was a crowded affair with some 12,000 or so attendees. Looking back over our notes one thing is clear; despite all the turmoil in the health IT market, especially among

by John Moore | August 31, 2022

UGM’22: Perspective of a Newbie

Elena Iokovleva Chilmark Research is publishing two perspectives of this year’s UGM. Elena provides a perspective from one who has never attended a major vendor’s user conference. The second, to follow in a couple of days, will be from a grizzled veteran of these events – heck, I can’t even

by Jody Ranck | June 06, 2022

How Not to Implement AI

What Healthcare Can Learn from Boeing 737 MAX Crashes Key Takeaways The airline industry historically has been a paragon of safety and engineering that medicine has learned from. A shift in Boeing’s corporate culture put profits before safety in the decade before the crashes. Risks were under-reported which led to

by John Moore III | May 26, 2022

From Boost Mobile and Swype to Xealth: One Entrepreneur’s Journey into Healthtech

In this latest executive interview, Mike McSherry speaks with me about how his past successes in consumer tech and an entrepreneur-in-residence opportunity at Providence prepared him for tackling patient engagement in the healthcare industry. During our conversation, Mike recounts how he and his team explored 70+ startup ideas with Providence

by Colin Rogers | May 25, 2022

Meet Fatma, Chilmark’s Newest Analyst!

This month, Fatma Niang joined Chilmark Research as one of our two newest analysts. A recent graduate of Purdue University with a clinical research background, Fatma will be contributing to our interoperability and data research as she steps into her new role. Recently, we were able to interview Fatma and
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