by Jody Ranck | January 05, 2023

Users Matter: Issues in Patient-Centric Technology

Key Takeaways From EHRs to emerging AI applications, we hear how the design of health IT needs more user input, but the complexity of users in healthcare makes this more challenging than we think.  “EHRs were designed for billing” is a refrain we hear constantly, but designing an EHR that

by Fatma Niang | December 13, 2022

Prior Auth Transparency Can Kicked Down the Road Again

On December 6th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a new rule containing requirements aimed at improving patient and provider access to health information, as well as streamlining processes relating to prior authorization for medical items and services. This has many writers churning out breathless summaries of

by Jody Ranck | December 05, 2022

Race, Data and the Complexities of Health Equity

Key Insights from Recent Research Key Takeaways A growing number of organizations are pointing out the racial biases in some medical algorithms with calls for fairness. While the identification of bias tends to be straightforward, the means for creating fair algorithms is much more complicated.  Many approaches to fairness in

by Elizabeth Kneeland | December 01, 2022

Blurred Lines: An RWD/RWE Snapshot

Executive Summary New vendors continue to flood the real-world data and real-world evidence markets with analytics solutions that are powered by increasingly massive health datasets. Data cleaning and normalization solutions have been rolled into larger analytics and data vendors and no longer constitute their own sub-sector. Post-market surveillance by the

by Fatma Niang | November 29, 2022

Less Disruption Please

Making an Impact with athenahealth I was pleased to attend athenahealth’s Analyst Day for the first time on November 8th and 9th. The event was not only quite fun, but also let me gain insight into the why behind their market positioning. Interoperability: More Than a Buzzword After the Monday

by Elena Iakovleva |

Sticking to Their Knitting: athenahealth Stays Consistent

Analyst Day 2022 Showcases Steadiness and Sensible Growth In early November, athenahealth hosted Analyst Day, aiming to update the analyst community on the progress the company has made over the last couple of years. Current economic conditions in the healthcare sector coupled with high levels of clinical staff burn-out are

by Fatma Niang | October 26, 2022

Accessing Health Data Records

Patient Rights Grow Teeth In April 2021, the ONC, on behalf of HHS, announced more details on the Information Blocking Rule, a component of the 21st Century Cures Act. This announcement stated that covered entities — healthcare providers, health information technology (HIT) companies, and health information exchanges (HIEs) — would

by John Moore | October 21, 2022

MEDITECH in the Chrysalis

Anticipating What Will Emerge A couple of weeks ago, I attended MEDITECH Live, a conference that brought senior MEDITECH client leadership together to share ideas on how best to serve their patient base. Having never been to a MEDITECH event, I looked forward to meeting this customer base and learning
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