Provider-Payer Convergence

by Fatma Niang | December 13, 2022

Prior Auth Transparency Can Kicked Down the Road Again

On December 6th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a new rule containing requirements aimed at improving patient and provider access to health information, as well as streamlining processes relating to prior authorization for medical items and services. This has many writers churning out breathless summaries of

by Fatma Niang | November 29, 2022

Less Disruption Please

Making an Impact with athenahealth I was pleased to attend athenahealth’s Analyst Day for the first time on November 8th and 9th. The event was not only quite fun, but also let me gain insight into the why behind their market positioning. Interoperability: More Than a Buzzword After the Monday

by Elena Iakovleva |

Sticking to Their Knitting: athenahealth Stays Consistent

Analyst Day 2022 Showcases Steadiness and Sensible Growth In early November, athenahealth hosted Analyst Day, aiming to update the analyst community on the progress the company has made over the last couple of years. Current economic conditions in the healthcare sector coupled with high levels of clinical staff burn-out are

by John Moore | September 02, 2022

Pushing Hard: Epic’s UGM’22

This being the first full-on UGM since the pandemic (yes, there was a UGM last year, albeit thinly attended) it was a crowded affair with some 12,000 or so attendees. Looking back over our notes one thing is clear; despite all the turmoil in the health IT market, especially among

by John Moore | August 31, 2022

UGM’22: Perspective of a Newbie

Elena Iokovleva Chilmark Research is publishing two perspectives of this year’s UGM. Elena provides a perspective from one who has never attended a major vendor’s user conference. The second, to follow in a couple of days, will be from a grizzled veteran of these events – heck, I can’t even

by John Moore III | March 09, 2022

Show me the Money! Expected Health IT Investment Activity for 2022

Virtual care and consumer-centric hype has dwindled. What's next? The last two years have seen an explosion of interest in new models of virtual care in response to the COVID19 public health emergency. The need to continue providing care while reducing the volume of patients actively visiting brick and mortar

by John Moore |

Under the Covers at HIMSS22

Health Tech Events Clash in Florida We are setting up meetings, packing our bags and getting ready for the annual pilgrimage to HIMSS. It’s been a while. This will be the first full-fledged HIMSS since 2019, returning to Orlando, where HIMSS’20 was to be held, until COVID changed those plans.

by John Moore III | February 08, 2022

Flashy Isn’t Everything: Addressing Essential Healthcare Needs as a VC

Following the money in healthcare with Jessica Zeaske, PhD, Managing Partner - Strategic Investment at Echo Health Ventures It's what everyone wants to know, both in healthcare and the wide world of business overall: what's the next big thing? What opportunities are there for investment and growth? In our industry,
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