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PHR Market: Analysis & Trends

by John Moore | June 17, 2008

Today, I had the honor to give a presentation to the Dept. of Health & Human Services’ (HHS), American Health Information Community (AHIC), Consumer Empowerment Workgroup (CEW). What a string of acronyms.

Purpose of CEW is to explore all the multitude of issues surrounding how to provide the consumer greater control and “empowerment” over their healthcare. With such a goal, it is obvious that this workgroup spends a significant amount of time discussing PHRs. Therefore, after sending an email to the HHS Director, Office Health IT Adoption, Karen Bell announcing the release of our PHR Market Report in late May, Dr. Bell contacted me, to invite me to give a presentation to this workgroup on some of our research findings.

So for all of you who were not able to attend the CEW meeting this afternoon, here is the presentation: PHR Market Trends ’08 (PDF).

Enjoy and I welcome any and all feedback.

Addendum: Loaded the ppt up into slideshare.net which provides a nice feature, similar to YouTube for viewing the slideshow directly, which you will find below.

[slideshare id=466676&doc=hhscewrkgrpjune08-1213388320934389-9&w=425]

2 responses to “PHR Market: Analysis & Trends”

  1. jd says:

    Very nice presentation. A few questions:

    How are you distinguishing the primary and secondary markets for PHRs? Also, when you give percentages, it’s not clear whether you are counting the number of PHR vendors/sponsors or the number of PHR users. Is it sometimes one and sometimes the other?

  2. John says:

    Good questions JD which I’ll answer in order:

    1) When we performed the survey we asked vendors which market was the primary market they were targeting i.e., where were they devoting the majority of their product development (each market has slightly different needs), marketing and sales efforts. We then went on to ask which market was secondary.

    2) The percentages represent the percentage of iPHR vendors surveyed (iPHR is a Web-native PHR solution that can enable portability) targeting each specific market.

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