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Meet Fatma, Chilmark’s Newest Analyst!

by Colin Rogers | May 25, 2022

This month, Fatma Niang joined Chilmark Research as one of our two newest analysts. A recent graduate of Purdue University with a clinical research background, Fatma will be contributing to our interoperability and data research as she steps into her new role. Recently, we were able to interview Fatma and check in with her about starting her work with Chilmark.

What are you looking forward to working on with Chilmark?

I am looking forward to returning to my one true love – research! The idea of waking up every day and immersing myself in work that genuinely interests me and encourages me to think critically is exceptionally fulfilling. I’m incredibly excited to apply the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired through my studies and firsthand experience working with the Indiana State Department of Health during the COVID-19 response. I’m even more excited to grow as a researcher and learn from senior analysts as I develop my expertise in interoperability and data management.

What stood out to you about Chilmark?

I found the Chilcast: Healthcare Tech Talks podcast series after applying and conducting additional diligence on the company. While listening to the episode with Sheeza Hussein, I felt empowered. When I listened to the podcast, I worked for a large corporate entity, actively planning my return to research. I admired her ability to shift from software engineering to healthcare technology. I felt seen; I could relate to her desire to utilize technology to help others. Chilmark Research providing these influential figures with the platforms to share their stories and relay their passions made me even more eager to join the team in hopes that I’d be able to host my own interviews with these inspirational members of the community! It’s apparent that Chilmark is oriented around providing accurate, unbiased, and accessible information, and I’m delighted to join the team so I can contribute to that mission.   

What’s your background/motivation for working in the health IT space?

I’m a recent Purdue University graduate with a strong background in clinical research. I received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and a minor in Psychology. During my undergraduate studies, I discovered my passion for research and leaped at opportunities to fuel my passion.

At the pandemic’s start, I began my position as an ISDH COVID-19 Intern for the Indiana State Department of Health, conducting independent research on COVID-19 compliance across the state. During my time at the Indiana State Department of Health, I acquired 800+ hours of Practicum experience. I distributed surveys, conducted initial contact tracing interviews, notified citizens of potential exposure, connected individuals to available resources in the community, and helped schedule COVID-19 tests. The opportunity to aid community members at their most vulnerable moments prompted me to view research differently. It became more than just a job for me. Instead, I viewed it as a means to impact my community positively and change lives.

I was later appointed to aid in training contact tracers and played an instrumental role in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, specifically in marginalized communities. Through these experiences, I learned that being a good researcher is about having the capability to analyze large amounts of data and utilizing those findings to improve the quality of care provided while aiming to enhance the overall patient experience. It became clear that data alone is meaningless if there are no action plans or appropriate resources to apply the lessons the data demonstrates.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

To combat the post-grad blues, I picked up yoga as a hobby. However, I eventually developed a strong attachment to the practice, and it became more than just a hobby. I plan to start yoga teacher training in June with hopes of teaching my first class early next year.

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