by Fatma Niang | December 13, 2022

Prior Auth Transparency Can Kicked Down the Road Again

On December 6th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a new rule containing requirements aimed at improving patient and provider access to health information, as well as streamlining processes relating to prior authorization for medical items and services. This has many writers churning out breathless summaries of

by Colin Rogers | October 12, 2022

Analytics for Value-Based Care

Chilmark Research's Latest Market Trends Report [mepr-membership-link id="16058"]Purchase[/mepr-membership-link] This report is also available to members of the Chilmark Advisory Service through the portal. The shift to value-based care (VBC) has long been an industry talking point in healthcare, among vendors, providers, and patients alike. Perhaps predictably, for a

by Elizabeth Kneeland | October 04, 2022

Hope for Healthcare at HAS22

I attended the HASummit’22 as a first timer, accompanying our seasoned leader and expert analyst John Moore. He summarized his thoughts in a blog post that I highly recommend you read before reading mine. Key Attribute: Trust John referred to the strong relationships between Health Catalyst (HC) and their 300+

by John Moore | September 30, 2022

HASummit’22: For Real, In-Person

The Health Catalyst-sponsored HASummit was last in person way back in 2019. Two successive years of virtual HAS and I was completely done with it. Virtual events simply do not hold a candle to in-person ones, where ad hoc conversations flourish in a gathering of attendees who want to dig

by John Moore | September 15, 2022

Where Art Thou, CIO?

by John Moore and Donald Trigg CHIME, the trade association for health system Chief Information Officers (CIOs), changed their vision statement in 2015 to “Exceptional Leaders Transforming Healthcare”. CHIME got it right: the opportunity for technology leadership has never been greater. And as Epic CEO Judith Faulkner stated in her

by John Moore | September 02, 2022

Pushing Hard: Epic’s UGM’22

This being the first full-on UGM since the pandemic (yes, there was a UGM last year, albeit thinly attended) it was a crowded affair with some 12,000 or so attendees. Looking back over our notes one thing is clear; despite all the turmoil in the health IT market, especially among

by Fatma Niang | July 04, 2022

Quality Care Concerns at the VA

How Fragmented Oversight Harms Veterans Key Takeaways The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) struggles to provide quality care to veterans, due to various issues ranging from inadequate staffing, safety concerns, to lack of efficiency. The GAO has attested that the VA faces an ongoing struggle in the oversight of their healthcare

by John Moore | June 14, 2022

More Hubris than Humility

Oracle Aims (Too) High with Cerner Acquisition Announcements By last Thursday, Oracle had closed its much-anticipated acquisition of Cerner. The next day, Oracle hosted a webinar to discuss their vision and intentions for Cerner and more broadly, Oracle in healthcare. The big visionary picture was provided by none other than
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