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Tackling Prior Authorization: Webinar and Report Release in One Week

by John Moore lll | July 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce our next webinar and report release will be coinciding with each other in just one week, on July 25, 2017. We hope you will join analyst Jennifer Rogers as she shares highlights from this latest research on the topic of Prior Authorization.

Prior authorization (PA) requirements have a long-standing history of creating friction between providers and payers due to their mandatory one-size-fits-all nature, inconsistent policies across the payer landscape, and cumbersome manual processes. The majority of electronic improvements over the last several years to help automate this process have not helped significantly. New solutions are becoming available throughout 2017 for providers and payers to make this easier on each other and more effective and efficient in order for PA to more broadly serve as a vital aspect of revenue cycle, cost containment, and population health management strategies. Importantly, these new solutions will be better for consumers.

PA is on the cusp of having a breakout moment. Provider-payer convergence is growing, though still in its infancy. To uncover a likely vanguard for greater convergence, we followed the money and looked to the beginning of the revenue cycle and identified Prior Authorization as one of the areas most ripe for convergence strategies to have an impact. What happens to the traditional payer PA approach as risk and PHM accountabilities shift to providers? Is PA shifting, too? From a process perspective, a technology perspective, or both?

About the Report –

Includes brief profiles and capability summaries of: Accenture, athenahealth, Availity, Change Healthcare, Cognizant, CoverMyMeds, eviCore, MCG, Partners Healthcare, Surescripts, ZipRad.

This report covers the following:

  • How PA is evolving for providers and payers alike in response to VBC;
  • Current state of pharmacy and medical PA technology and process;
  • Innovators in this space improving provider-payer experience and clinical and cost outcomes;
  • What healthcare organizations (HCOs) should consider as they decide on a solution;
  • Where significant gaps remain that HCOs will struggle to fill.

Register here to reserve your seat on this webinar. We look forward to fielding your questions and hearing your thoughts!

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