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Peace & Good Health in the New Year

by John Moore | December 31, 2008

2009As 2008 comes rapidly to a close, we at Chilmark Research can’t even begin to express our gratitude and thanks to all the individuals who have helped us along the way in 2008.

This was a monumental year for us as it was in late May that we released our first product to market, the iPHR Market Report, which received an excellent market response exceeding even our lofty expectations. In October we released the Executive Summary of this report for free download (it’s still available).  The response to the free report (nothing sells like “free”) has unequivocally been tremendous with hundreds of downloads from virtually every continent but Antarctica (we’re still waiting…).

As with any report release, it almost always leads to follow-on work from clients seeking more specific assistance. This report being no exception.  In addition to some very interesting client engagements, the highlight here was the trip to Washington DC to present to Secretary Leavitt and AHIC.  What an experience – one that will not be forgotten.

But 2008 had its fair share of challenges.  Primary among them was staying abreast of the rapid changes taking place in the healthcare sector and trying as best we can to sort through it all to provide some substantive reporting via our posts.  We have also struggled to balance client specific work with broader reports for the market.  It is somewhat embarrassing that as an analyst firm, we have only one report as we close 2008. This is definitely an issue that will receive close attention in 2009.

And you won’t have to wait long as our report on the major Personal Health Platforms (PHP), Dossia, Google Health and HealthVault will be released within the month.

In closing, we wish to give thanks to all who have helped make Chilmark Research a success in 2008.  Readership continues to grow, relationships continue to blossom and through your assistance we have learned volumes and look forward to learning so much more.

A Very Happy New Year to you and yours.  May 2009 bring you continued good health, warm & trusting relationships, and prosperity, however you define it.  Leave 2008 with Peace in your heart and confidence in the future – there really is so much to be hopeful for.

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