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Has Google Lost its Way?

by John Moore | September 16, 2007

What became of Adam?

Google announced last week that Adam Bosworth, the leader of their healthcare initiative has left the company. This, at first glance, is disturbing as Bosworth was the front person for Google, was their healthcare architect, and is a well-known visionary in the software industry. Such a departure, while not always a bad thing, certainly signals that all may not be well with Google’s healthcare initiative and that a change in strategy is occurring. Some on Wall Street are thinking an acquisition is in the cards.

An acquisition may not be such a bad thing as Google’s PHR initiative appears stalled. Microsoft, which has only recently announced its intention to get into the PHR market, appears to have a slight lead with an intent to release a product/service later this year. In comparison, Google released some screen shots of its PHR in August to a select few for review and comment, but initial impressions are lackluster and actual release of a product/service is still undefined.

Stay tuned, this could get very interesting.

And where has Adam gone? Latest rumor says Facebook

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