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by Matt Guldin | May 09, 2016

Rise of the Conveners

No this isn’t a post about the latest Michael Bay sequel in the Transformers’ movie franchise. Instead, I wanted to focus on the acquisition last month of Curaspan, a leading vendor in discharge planning, by naviHealth. This is the second health IT acquisition by naviHealth in the last several months

by John Moore | March 10, 2016

HIMSS16 Wrap: Analysts Answer 3 Key Questions

The pilgrimage to HIMSS has once again come to pass. While certainly not a spiritual pilgrimage - after all it did take place in Sin City - it is a trek into the depths of healthcare IT (HIT). No other venue in the U.S., brings together such a broad swath

by ndrao | December 17, 2015

Delivering on the Promise of Remote Patient Monitoring

The US healthcare system’s gradual but steady shift towards value-based care has unleashed a new wave of opportunities for health IT vendors of all stripes. As we described last week, one market that has just begun to open up is

by Brian Murphy | September 22, 2015

Salesforce Enters the Fray: Will They Succeed Where Others Have Failed?

Chilmark Bight After several years of circling the healthcare market, Salesforce finally announced its intent to formally enter the market this week with the announcement of Salesforce Health Cloud. Unlike other enterprise vendors who have jumped into this market, with Blue Ribbon advisory panels (Google Health), or series of acquisitions

by Matt Guldin | August 22, 2015

Current Applications of Health Assessments in Provider-led Care Management

A Snapshot on Health Conducting periodic health assessments on patients provides an opportunity for provider care teams to get a snapshot on the health status and the health risks of a panel or cohort of patients. Health assessment is a process involving systematic collection and analysis of health-related information on

by Matt Guldin | July 22, 2015

Current Applications of Risk Identification and Stratification in Provider-led Care Management

A Shift in Responsibility What has changed in the last 2 or 3 years is that now providers are undertaking their own provider-led care management initiatives and are also beginning to comb through their patients’ data, increasingly using clinical data for risk identification and stratification for several purposes including: possible

by John Moore | June 16, 2015

Building the Team – Fulfilling the Mission

It's been some eight years since I hung up the Chilmark Research shingle and started this business. I founded the company on a simple belief that still holds true today: Effective deployment and use of IT can demonstrably improve care delivery processes and ultimately the patient experience. I had based this belief

by Naveen Rao | May 22, 2015

Making the Most of the CCM Code

Challenges of Billing One of the most buzz worthy topics at the recent HIMSS conference was CMS’ new CPT code for chronic care management (CCM). The code will pay providers and care teams $43 PMPM for the non-face-to-face time they spend managing complex, chronically ill patients’ health. Scaled across patient
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