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Delivering on the Promise of Remote Patient Monitoring

by ndrao | December 17, 2015

A Model for Remote Patient Monitoring

The US healthcare system’s gradual but steady shift towards value-based care has unleashed a new wave of opportunities for health IT vendors of all stripes. As we described last week, one market that has just begun to open up is connected health – the application of technology to connect the various pieces of the healthcare system (people, tools, facilities, and so on) in a way that enables delivery of ongoing, virtual care as needed across a patient population.

We are pleased to share our latest research on this market in the form of a new insight report: Connected Health: Opportunities and Challenges in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM.) Distilling insights from numerous stakeholders from across the healthcare system – payers, providers, and vendors, the report provides concise guidance on how to leverage RPM to optimize and extend healthcare delivery. Readers and CAS subscribers will find the following:

A Detailed Overview of the Connected Health Model
We’ve included a deeper examination of each step of the process, featuring specific examples from best-in-class vendors and delivery systems, as well as examples of how these layers are evolving in the face of shifting technology and payment landscapes. Our goal is to provide healthcare executives with a balance of practical insight (e.g. the state of EHR integration) and an understanding of where the individual pieces of the model are heading (e.g. the role of machine learning and automation).

Market Overview
Rather than pull market sizing numbers out of thin air, we’ve opted for an approach that offers a top-level classification of numerous genres of vendors who make up the supply side of this market. In addition, with an analysis of market trends, pricing, and the major product development trends, it is our hope to arm prospective buyers of RPM systems with a practical guide to get started.

As always, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander – vendors, consultants, and other purveyors of connected health will also benefit in this report’s content:

  • What does the shift towards technology platforms from the likes of major vendors (IBM and Medtronic, Philips and Salesforce, DexCom and Google) mean?
  • What role is today’s EHR vendor playing in this space (spoiler alert – not a central one), and how is that set to evolve over the next few years?
  • What are some of the major incentive programs out there that might help subsidize an investment in connected health?

Insights and Takeaways
We’ve distilled the insights, advice, and anecdotes we gathered from our interviews into a set of recommendations and takeaways. These span from advice on how to interpret results of a vendor’s pilot study, to leveraging existing technology assets (e.g. IVR, patient portals, call centers), to some of the key principles of successful deployments as seen at leading institutions like Partners Healthcare, Mercy, and Geisinger.

The effective deployment and use of RPM can significantly extend the care delivery chain optimizing and automating care processes outside of the exam room. This will be crucial for HCOs of all sizes as the industry moves to value-based care. Despite this promise, the market has yet to fully coalesce into clearly defined and packaged solutions for provider adoption. Vendors are working feverishly to address this issue through partnerships and internal development. There remains much work to be done by both end-user organizations and vendors in setting up, customizing, and operationalizing these new models of care. This report provides will provide stakeholders with the most relevant guidance available today to guide their own journey to enable RPM.

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