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A HITECH Operetta

by John Moore | May 15, 2009

This is very well done – a great way to finish the week!  Only thing missing is ICD-10

David Blumenthal, I’m surprised you could not find a place for this guy on one of your committees?  Might he fit in one of the workgroups?


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  1. Not Boston says:

    Ross has a great voice and is well known in the industry for his creative down to earth solutions. I assume everyone realizes that is actually an ad by Delottie Consutling’s Health IT group though, which is now run by Ross Martin formerly of the now bankrupt Bearing Point Health Group? Watch the credits at the end to see.

    Ross is yet another Harvard / Boston guy but I will give him some slack as he is a hero to consumers for suggesting during the NEHC process that we find a way to compensate consumers for participating in the health IT policy making process and for building a new team at Delottie consulting.

    “Ross Martin, director of health information convergence at consulting firm Bearing Point, suggested the possibility of financial support for consumer participants”

    and an all around good guy who gets both HIT and the organizational change that has to happen with it.

    Any good investor however knows that yo don’t want to gt all of your ideas from the same market and with both David Blumenthal heading up ONC and John Glaser running operations we really need to look outside of Boston for any additional resources.

  2. Ross was actually a member of the AHIC Consumer Empowerment Workgroup, so been there, done that. Since the other commenter makes a series of incorrect statements, and I’ve known Ross for several years:

    1) It’s not a Deloitte ad. Ross has been writing and performing standards songs for many years, going back to his time at Pfizer. I can pretty much assure you that it was not to promote Pfizer’s Health Informatics group. Exactly why Ross does this is a mystery to us non-musical folks, but it should not be taken as crassly commercial.

    2) He doesn’t run the Deloitte Health IT practice, although he is a senior manager at the firm.

    3) Harvard is a major, probably the major, center of informatics training and policy thought. Ross did an NIH fellowship here, but his medical school and other training was elsewhere and he has lived in Virginia for years. If you exclude everybody who has touched Harvard at some point in their career you’re excluding a lot of people.

    Geographical arguments for diversity of ideas generally don’t fly. If you’ve got people who aren’t represented in the HIT policy process (and the committees show a tremendous amount of diversity both in regions and perspectives represented).

    Also, totally unsure about why I’m spending a beautiful Saturday morning weighing in on this. 🙂

  3. John says:

    Not Boston,
    Didn’t you hear, Boston is the “hub of the universe” BTW, minor correction, Harvard is located in Cambridge, which is distinctly different from Boston and on the other side of the Charles.

    As or the credits, I didn’t pay them any mind, honestly didn’t even notice as I had such a good time just listening to Ross’s ditty.

    And Will,
    Very good question, what are you doing responding on a beautiful Saturday morning. Hope you got away from your keyboard after that comment.

  4. @cascadia says:

    Ross has done a couple of other Health IT songs in the past and is very very funny in adition to being brilliant. In addition to working in Health IT at Deloitte, BearingPoint and Pfizer he also served on one of the AHIC successor committees (planning) last summer and I was on governance and we almost did a song then as well.

    You can count on him to recognize and support the consumer and provider voice in all of his endeavors and this is a great use of humor and social media to bring new voices forward. Honestly we are about to run out of acronyms.

    If you want the backstory on how he created the song (on vacation) he has a link about how we wrote it up on his blog including how he layered the verses over one another and edited it. http://www.rossmartinmd.com/f/blog.htm

    I am pretty sure that Deloitte knew about it though since if you watch to the end of the video there is a slide that says “Thanks to the Deloitte HITECH Team”


  5. […] interested in more details about how he made the video you can find that here. Also, thanks to Chilmark for pointing out this video for me. Related ArticlesFunny Video About Dragon Naturally Speaking […]

  6. Ross Martin says:

    I’m in the middle of writing up some comments on the “meaningful use” definitions proposed by the HIT Policy Committee last week and was going to reference John’s Chilmark writeup. Couldn’t help but look at this post on the Interoperetta and was amused to see the discussion.

    You all are probably long past looking at this, but for the record:
    – Belated thanks for the post, John!

    – Deloitte did not sponsor the video, though I certainly shared it with my HITECH team colleagues and ran it by one of the partners to make sure I wouldn’t get in hot water by posting it. I actually wrote into my employment agreement a disclaimer that I am occasionally enslaved by the Muse to create these obscure works that are normally only appreciated by the most embedded HIT geeks. Who’da thunk that such an esoteric piece (in barbershop, no less – the only way to make it more dorky would have been to do it in mime!) would end up getting written up by the WSJ Health Blog?

    – Will, thanks for coming to my defense on a Saturday morning. I’d tell you to get a life, but if you did, then I’d have to give up what’s left of mine to cover my own a**.

    – Everything Will said was accurate except that I live in Maryland, not VA.

    – As for why I do this music stuff, I long to make my way in this world as a creator of things that make people feel and think. I also want to see my wife, a 26-year cancer survivor, and other friends and loved ones live long and happy lives, so I’ve deferred my career as a writer to dedicate myself to “fixing” healthcare. (Hurry up, will you?) The only way I’ve figured out how to keep myself from going mad is to let the Muse have its way every once in a while. Since I spend so much time thinking about HIT, that’s what usually comes out.

    – Sherry is right – the Interoperetta is actually the result of an abandoned stab at writing the same sort of trio song about AHIC(NeHC), HITSP and CCHIT. It just became clear that it could turn out to be a collosal waste of time since the whole thing seemed like it would be tossed out with the Bush Administration, so I shelved it. Then ARRA passed and it seemed like an even better vehicle. 11,000+ views later, I’m still wondering how that many people would have taken a shining to it. Go figure…

    Ross (aka, Dr. HITECH)

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