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Engage with Grace

by John Moore | November 26, 2008

engageToday there is a bit of a “Blog Rally” going on with regards to the “One Slide Project.”

A significant number of writers are coming together dedicating a post to an extremely important, and timely project:

How exactly do we and fellow friends and family members wish to spend those last few days of our existence in this dimension?

Few of us truly discuss this topic and when we do, we talk in generalities and not specifics.  The One Slide Project seeks to help us address the issue with 5 short, clear questions that get to those specifics.

As we gather tomorrow with family and close friends to give thanks for the bounty we have received in the past year and the bounty immediately before us, consider sharing this one slide with those in attendance.  Yes, it may be difficult to introduce the subject, but once it is out there on the table, quite sure that the discussion will flow.

Note: the Boston Globe ran an article today about the origins of the One Slide Project.  Personally had the chance to hear Alexandra Drane speak at the recent Health 2.0 conference and her personal experience that led to founding Engage with Grace.  Truly moving story.

Deep gratitude and thanks to Alexandra for taking a personal tragedy and assiting us all with what will be our ultimate end and how we wish to spend those final days.

And during this time of thanks, we also give thanks to all who have made Chilmark Research a growing success in the short time that we have been around.  May you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving – yes, there is so so much to be thankful for.

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