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December 2013 Monthly Update: Trends Emerging from our Domains of Coverage (Download PDF)

  • Health Information Exchange Trends for 2014
  • Clinical Analytics for Population Health Management Trends
  • Patient Engagement: Trends in a Quickly Maturing Market
  • Electronic Health Records: Fixing the Mass Deployment of Immature Technology

November 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Two Takes on Enabling Population Health Management
  • Any Portal In a Storm: Patient Engagement and MU2
  • ABCO Acquires Care Team Connect in Pop Health Bid

October 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Electronic Lab Reporting: Ready or Not, Here to Stay
  • Mitigate Risk and Reduce Costs of EHRs

September 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Vitera Acquires Greenway
  • Plug n Play Clinical Analytics Apps
  • EHR 2.0 Part Three: Using NLP to Restore Clinician Productivity

2013 CAPH MTR Summary Slides (Download PDF)

2013 Clinical Analytics for Population Health Market Trends Report (Download PDF)

July 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • EHR 2.0 Part Two – Human Centered Design
  • Wearable Tech: Near Ready for Primetime in Healthcare
2013 Health Information Exchange Market Trends Report (Download PDF)

2013 HIE Market Trends Report Summary Slides (Download PDF)

May 2013 Insight Report: Building an Infrastructure to Drive Healthcare Analytics (Download PDF)

May 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • HIE Market in Transition, Requires New Vocabulary
  • Building Towards Population Health Management

April 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • The Power of the Crowd: Harnessing Social Media and Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Caradigm Partners with Orion Health

March 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Public vs. Private Oversight of Mobile Health
  • The March Towards Better Patient Engagement
  • CommonWell Health Alliance Intends to Tackle Interop

February 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Reorg at McKesson Points to Broader Repositioning
  • Will Providers Ever Trust Predictive Analytics?
  • Medications Reconciliation Continues to Challenge HIE Vendors

January 2013 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Keeping Track of Wearable Health Tech
  • Learning to Like Direct
  • EHR Data is More Untrustworthy Than You Think
  • Fair Warning for Healthcare CFOs


December 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Big Data for the Rest of Us
  • New HIT Markets for Tackling Obesity
  • Provider Risk Will Drive Vendor Caution on HIEs

November 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Humana Leaps Into HIE Market
  • Taking Population Health from Claims to Clinical
  • From Med Lists to Meds Reconciliation to Meds Adherence

October 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • With Readmission Penalties Looming, Can Care Get Coordinated?
  • Clinical Analytics Gears Up for Second Wave
  • Cerner: Looking Beyond the HIT Market

September 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Prying Away the Doctor’s Notes: Unstructured Data and Analytics
  • Surescripts Makes Key Moves for Clinical Interoperability
  • Patient Generated Data and the EHR
Quarterly Insight Report: Benchmark Report – Payer Adoption of Emerging Consumer Tech (Download PDF)

July 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Analytics: A Market Where Confusion Abounds
  • HIE Market Update

June 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • SCOTUS ACA Ruling and Implications to Healthcare IT Market
  • SCOTUS ACA Ruling and Implications for Patient Engagement
  • Health Datapalooza, Big Data and the Move Towards Transparency
Quarterly Insight Report: mHealth Adoption for Patient Engagement (Download PDF)

May 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Making of Social Games for Wellbeing, Courtesy of Your Health Insurer
  • When Behavioral Health Goes Mainstream Will the Technology Be Ready?
  • Filling Gaps Separating Behavioral Health From the Healthcare Continuum
  • Feds Look to Tighten Privacy & Security of HIEs
2012 Chilmark Research Health Information Exchange Market Trends Report (Download PDF)

April 2012: Summary of 2012 HIE Report (Download slides)

March 2012 Monthly Update (Download PDF)

  • Making of Future HIE Vendor? NaviNet Acquired by Lumeris & Three Blues
  • Where Do Pieces Fall – GE & MSFT’s New JV: Caradigm
  • AT&T Seeks to Enable mHealth Development
  • Optum Looks Skyward with Health Care Cloud