Meet Elena, Chilmark’s Newest Analyst!

by | Mar 8, 2022

This month, we’re welcoming Elena Iakovleva to Chilmark Research as our newest analyst. Coming from a background in process improvement, RCM, and RCO, Elena will be handling our research on digital transformation, payer-provider convergence, and interoperability. We sat down with her to get a feel for her background, what she’s going to cover, and what she’s excited about.

What are you looking forward to working on with Chilmark?

In my previous role at Tufts MC, my main focus was largely on process improvement in a hospital-based RCM. It can be quite complicated yet motivating to solve patients’ and providers’ needs effectively with limited resources. At Chilmark, I would like to expand my work to cover more of the challenges related to remote care with a prism of process improvement and constantly emerging new IT tools. The newly formed channels of care delivery require a whole set of rules and regulations as well as a reliable infrastructure to function efficiently. As of now, there seem to be more questions than answers.  I am looking forward to investing more time into tackling larger interoperability problems and into helping people adjust to new challenges.

What stood out to you about Chilmark?

I saw a job posting on LinkedIn and the description of the role immediately caught my attention. After being in RCO for over 10 years, I was looking for another step in my career with more focus on research and on finding new ways for positive changes in the industry. At my first interview with John Moore III, I was very much impressed with the work of the Chilmark Research team and their unique approach to analysis and evaluation. Unfortunately, it is a rare find when a company strives for objectivity regardless of the interests of stakeholders. Moving forward with my following interviews, I felt more and more that Chilmark was a truly one of-a-kind company with outstanding knowledge in the industry, impressive work ethics, and an aim to make their contribution to the new friendlier face of healthcare. Meeting the team was the last, but not the least factor for me; it is an extraordinary group of professionals, deeply knowledgeable, inspiring and supportive.

What’s your background/motivation for working in the health IT space?

Coming from a medical family, early on, I was observing various problems that the healthcare system in general and most of the system actors have been facing. Since I began my career, it has become clear that the biggest driver for changes lies in the IT sector. I think it’s a very dynamic and eventful field that has a lot of transforming power to it; this alone is fascinating. In the past 10 years, I have seen so many issues that resulted in revenue losses and gaps in care that could have been prevented with a well-fitted technology, from payment posting and audits to coding and scheduling. I am excited to be involved in more in-depth work and in discovering the set of tools that are available in the market to meet the challenges of the constantly growing healthcare industry. 

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you?

My academic background comes from theoretical sociology and statistics. I have always been interested in how different social institutions affect our lives. Healthcare is definitely a very important institution for every single person. We are all patients, whether past, current, or future. At any point in our lives, we all want to know that help is just around the corner, and regardless of our circumstances, we will always have access to the best healthcare possible. I am a firm believer that with the help of right IT solutions and brightest minds, this high goal can be achieved.


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