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Chilmark Research provides an objective perspective and framework to understand the complex and rapidly changing healthcare IT market.

Founded in 2007, Chilmark Research is a global research and advisory firm that is solely focused on the market for healthcare IT solutions. Everything we do is based on our core belief that healthcare information technology (HIT) plays a crucial role in improving the quality and efficiency of care. We foster the effective adoption, deployment, and use of HIT by providing objective, high-quality research into technologies with the greatest potential to improve care. This laser-sharp focus allows us to provide our clients with the most in-depth and accurate research on the critical technology and adoption trends occurring throughout the healthcare sector.


Better Insights, Better Decisions

Decision makers need to understand what is at stake, who will use the technology, and in what capacity. None of this is straightforward in today’s environment of government initiatives, outcomes-based payment models, and provider consolidation. Chilmark Research delves into immature markets and presents clear, forward-thinking analysis so healthcare providers can make informed strategic decisions when planning for the future.

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Chilmark Advisory Service

In 2012, Chilmark Research launched its premium subscription service, the Chilmark Advisory Service (CAS). The CAS was created in direct response to clients’ request for a continuous feed of research on the most pertinent trends in the adoption and use of healthcare IT. This is an annual subscription that provides not only access to a number of research reports throughout the year, but also direct access to Chilmark Research analysts to answer specific client needs. Learn more about our CAS services.

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Chilmark Research is proud of the clients it has had the pleasure to serve including Abbott Labs, Aetna/ Healthagen, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Catholic Healthcare East, Cerner, HCA, Health Catalyst, Highmark, IBM Watson Health, Kaiser-Permanente, McKesson, McKinsey, Microsoft, Philips Healthcare, and many more. We look forward to our relationship with you and hope our insights prove valuable to your success.


Chilmark Research provides a framework to understand a complex and rapidly changing market.

Chilmark Research is a global research and advisory firm that focuses solely on the market for HIT solutions. Using a pragmatic, evidence-based research methodology with a strong emphasis on primary research and objectivity, we provide healthcare leaders the most in-depth and accurate portrait of the critical technology and adoption trends in the HIT sector. With an eye on the future, our research provides clients the guidance they need to shape their own HIT strategies.

Chilmark Research reports serve the needs of technology adopters, consultants, investors, and IT vendors. While there are countless HIT domains we could cover, Chilmark Research prioritizes those areas that hold the greatest promise to transform and improve patient care. These domains include:

  • Health information exchange
  • Analytics and business intelligence
  • IT strategies for patient engagement
  • Cloud computing models for healthcare
  • mHealth technology and adoption
  • Remote monitoring and telemedicine

In addition to our published reports, we also perform targeted research for companies and organizations seeking the perspective of an independent analyst. Our research services include competitive analyses, market opportunity assessments, and strategic assessments of the market and vendors for potential partnership or acquisition.

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