Connected Health Convergence: Mobile, Devices, and the EHR

To be released end Q2’14
The market for wearable fitness devices has exploded with the emergence of small, elegant biometric devices with increasing sophistication partnered with a wide range of mHealth applications that are readily available. The rapid adoption by consumers of such devices raises the question: How might these consumer devices be used in the context of care? Is it possible or even desirable to have the data from such devices be incorporated in an individual’s health record that resides in a doctor’s office?

While the industry grapples with these questions, there is one certainty that the future holds: In stage three meaningful use requirements, healthcare organizations, via their EHR will need to accept patient generated health data (PGHD), which will likely include biometric data such as glucose, blood pressure and weight. We foresee this as a precursor for even broader adoption as healthcare organizations seek new models of efficient and effective care delivery under payment reform.

This report will take a close look at the trajectory of technology development for biometric devices, how they will ultimately be incorporated into a patient’s health record and the challenges that all stakeholders will grapple with to make this a future reality.
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