2022 Technologies Driving Improved Healthcare Experiences

by | Aug 11, 2022

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As options for care delivery grow, so too do consumer expectations. Providers are looking to leverage new technologies and platforms, both to streamline the patient journey through a healthcare system, as well as ease the burden on their own resources.

What does the future hold for healthcare institutions and consumers as both patient expectations and provider capabilities grow and change? How have expectations changed following the adoption of new tools and services during the pandemic?

In this report, we’ll be looking at patient-centric solutions and their futures. These will be:

  • Offerings that at least partially allow the patient to engage with the provider to resolve direct healthcare needs;
  • On-demand, or not limited by appointments, hours of operation, or similar considerations;
  • Part of a closed workflow loop, not intermediary solutions – designed to be part of an integrated medical experience and not simply a component of that experience (such as a basic payment or scheduling app). 

This research will define the scope of capabilities an ideal experience strategy will enable to meet current market demands, with an eye towards ongoing development and future needs. The report will explore the current market dynamics driving adoption, key vendors operating in the space with evaluations of their solutions, and emerging ‘vendors to watch’ taking notable approaches to solving a problem in this niche.

In a rapidly shifting landscape, we can help you filter the the signal from the noise. With all the hype around consumer-driven healthcare, rely on our analysts to provide pragmatic insights on the key trends relevant to your organization’s strategy.

This report features the following vendors:

Cost: $6,000


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