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by John Moore | March 23, 2021

The Promise of Clinical Data Sharing

About a month ago, I ruffled a few feathers. The brief post highlighting the increasing interest in selling healthcare data […]

by John Moore III | March 16, 2021

The Golden Opportunity for Clinical Data

In this Hot Take, we’re going to look at the implications and possibilities of an emerging market for clinical health care data. As with most hot button topics in this industry, the situation is nuanced and deserves a closer look. 

by John Moore | December 12, 2008

Transparency & Clinical Trials

This morning’s WSJ’s Science Journal takes a particularly harsh and somewhat uncharacteristic (at least for WSJ) look at the pharmaceutical […]

by John Moore | May 14, 2008

Fortuitous or Planted Story on EmergingMed

Read in the WSJ this morning an interesting article on new approaches that are being taken to introduce/solicit consumers to […]

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