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The Promise of AI and ML in Healthcare: Opportunities, Challenges, and Vendor Landscape

by Jody Ranck | March 02, 2020

This report is available to subscribers of the Chilmark Advisory Service or may be purchased separately by clicking below. To accompany the release of this report, lead author Jody Ranck hosted a webinar on April 1 presenting and discussing the report’s key findings — watch it here.

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Chilmark Research’s latest report, The Promise of AI/ML in Healthcare, is the most comprehensive report published on this rapidly evolving market with nearly 120 vendors discussed. The report explores opportunities, trends, and the rapidly evolving landscape for vendors, tracing the evolution from early artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) use in medical imaging to today’s rich array of vendor solutions in medical imaging, business operations, clinical decision support, research and drug development, patient-facing applications, and more.

The report also reviews types and applications of AI/ML, explores the substantial challenges of health data collection and use, and considers issues of bias in algorithms, ethical and governance considerations, cybersecurity, and broader implications for business.

The market today can be divided into five separate categories based on the need being addressed by AI/ML: Hospital operations, Population health management, Clinical decision support, Research and drug development, and Consumer facing tools. Each of these categories is explored on its own and in the greater context of market forces that are driving innovation and adoption of these tools.

Provider organizations will find this report offers deep insight into current and forthcoming solutions that can help support business operations, population health management, and clinical decision support. Current and prospective vendors of AI/ML solutions and their investors will find this report’s overview of the current market valuable in mapping their own product strategy. Researchers and drug developers will benefit from the discussion of current AI/ML applications and future possibilities in precision medicine, clinical trials, drug discovery, and basic research. To learn more, view the report preview.

Length: 45 pages

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