Our sole focus is healthcare IT solutions

Chilmark Research operates on the core belief that healthcare information technology (HIT) has a crucial role in improving care, but only if healthcare leaders have a clear picture of the market and what needs the emerging technologies can actually meet.

We use a pragmatic, evidence-based research methodology with a strong emphasis on primary research to provide technology adopters, consultants, investors, and vendors a clear view of the current HIT landscape. We also research specific sectors of the industry at the request of companies and organizations that need an objective third-party perspective.

Excerpt from the 2012 Benchmark Report: Payer Adoption of Emerging Consumer Tech
by Cora Sharma, Senior Analyst
August 2012

As biometric data becomes cheaper and easier to collect through smart sensors, devices, and mobile apps, expect to see more innovations in consumer health. Driven by extreme cost pressures, behavior change initiatives will increasingly utilizeā€¦ consumer-centric innovations. However, the overall pace of adoption will depend heavily on ongoing payment reform.