HCOs will need to undergo vast transformations in order to survive the new healthcare world order, becoming risk-bearing organizations with a payer-like mindset and business model. They will need to do what the payers never could: arbitrage cost and quality variations out of care delivery, actually serve consumer needs, and change patient and physician behavior. We are focused on covering those analytics solutions that provide new tools for analyzing the health of populations and enabling improved care workflows. We foresee a future where analytics tools can determine the best ways to engage patients, how to do more than fill care gaps, and methods for properly attributing care outcomes to those providers responsible – good or bad.

John Moore
Founder and Managing Partner
Matt Guldin
Senior Analyst


Deriving Value from Enterprise Systems

Much consternation has been expressed over the years regarding massive enterprise software roll-outs. There are numerous examples in virtually any industry sector one cares to look at. Years ago, when I was working as an analyst in the manufacturing vertical,

The Need for “Precision” Definitions

Healthcare is a study in extremes.  On the precise end of the continuum, we have the surgical precision of the neurosurgeon’s scalpel and the micro-precision of genomic studies.  On the not-even-close-to-precise opposite end of the continuum, we have the very

HIMSS17: Little Less Hype, More Focus on Value

Our industry was in state of unrest going into HIMSS17. Some would call it panic. This year’s HIMSS was as much a REALLY large group therapy session as it was a trade show. Seemed as if everyone was reassuring each

Top 7 Things to Look for at HIMSS17

The final countdown has begun. In a few short days I and the rest of the Chilmark Research team will make our annual pilgrimage to the big health IT confab, HIMSS17, to rub shoulders with some 45,000 of our closest

Looking to 2017: Our Baker’s Dozen Forecast

2016 is heading for the doors, 2017 readily awaits. But what will this New Year bring? One thing for sure, a new president and administration that appears intent on rewriting the rules, be they foreign policy, environmental or healthcare. But

Looking Back – Assessing Our 2016 Predictions

As has become a tradition here at Chilmark Research, it is time once again to look back at our predictions for 2016 and make an honest assessment of just how accurate we were. We do like to go beyond the


2016 Analytics for Population Health Management Market Trends Report

While vendors continue to make progress in the functional evolution of their analytics solutions, healthcare organizations (HCOs) struggle with the complexity of their data management requirements and embedding analytical insights into clinical workflows in support of strategic initiatives. This extensive update to the 2014 edition…

Making Healthcare Affordable: Implementing True Continuous Costing

This Chilmark Research Insight Report takes an unvarnished look at how much we pay for healthcare, where the money goes, the various approaches being taken to reduce spending, and, most importantly, the simple things that are not being done to dramatically reduce the cost of providing care.

The Evolution to Total Active Risk

The days of clinicians viewing what happens beyond the clinical walls as none of their business are soon to be over and risk stratification methodologies are an important window into the changes to come and how clinical teams and care managers will need to partner to offer better preventive care. In this report we examine where risk models are now and where major vendors and new entrants into this space are headed with risk stratification efforts in the coming years.

The Necessity of a Value Chain Model for Health Analytics

The Chilmark Research Value Chain Model will help HCOs adopt a step-by-step process to identifying the stakeholders, processes, and outcomes that are key to a 360-degree analytics strategy in a VBC model. The report provides strategic insight and guidance to anyone interested in the role that a defined analytics strategy and robust analytics platform can play in accelerating an HCO’s ability achieve the goals of VBC. HCOs, payers, healthcare IT vendors, consultants, investors, and others will all benefit from this in-depth report.

Bridging the Genomics – Health IT Gap for Precision Medicine

Since the White House launched its Precision Medicine initiative in January 2015 there has been a great deal of buzz about personalized or precision medicine and the future of healthcare. “Personalized medicine” is an older term and is gradually falling

Data Lakes and Data Swamps

CAS Clients receive all Domain Monitors published in a given year as part of their subscription. If you are a current client, you can access the full text of this article here. Traditional approaches to data warehouses often imposed data

Is the Clash of Cultures Slowing Adoption of Clinician Use of Analytics?

CAS Clients receive all Domain Monitors published in a given year as part of their subscription. If you are a current client, you can access the full text of this article here. A common storyline we are hearing these days