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Top Three Factors Driving Growth in Cloud Analytics for Healthcare

So here is a scary thought for all those who fear the move to cloud services due to cybersecurity and privacy breach concerns - Data as a Service (DaaS) is coming to your community, to your healthcare system soon. Heaven forbid


Watson Gets Data, But Does IBM Get Health?

IBM’s made a big bet with Watson Health, but will the technology live up to the marketing? They are off to a great start – though their work is certainly cut out for them.


New Insight Report on Moving to Open Platforms Now Available

All of the factors driving the adoption of platform thinking in the wider economy across other industries — escalating demand for better user functionality, customers seeking an outcome rather than a transaction, rapidly changing payment models — are present in healthcare. Yet HCOs and their HIT vendors cling tenaciously to closed, transaction-based systems and methods of doing business.


#WWBR Week of February 23, 2015

Study Urges Greater Financial Disclosure by Nonprofit Integrated Health Systems Jill Bronstein in National Academy of Social Insurance “A study came out from the National Academy of Social Insurance looking at the societal value of IDNs. The study had several


Longitudinal Care Plans: Still Siloed

I have been doing a lot of work and research around the current state of care plans for an upcoming Insight report that will be out in March. Some of their limitations in current practice though have become glaringly apparent

At the Intersection of Obesity and HIT

We Americans are on a very terrifying path, health-wise, based on the latest obesity projections from RWJF. Medical “innovations” around the obesity epidemic are unsettling, to say the least. Most recently, Dean Kamen (of Segway fame) filed a patent for

Looking Back on 2011 – What A Strange Year It’s Been

It is almost becoming the norm to say that it has been another tumultuous year in the healthcare IT market. Market consolidation, pushback on timelines, growing chorus from IT departments that enough is enough against the backdrop of the political

Dr. Watson I Presume

Little over a month ago, IBM and WellPoint announced an agreement wherein WellPoint will deploy IBM’s latest and greatest super computer and artificial intelligence mega-mind Watson. Watson’s claim to fame was its ability to beat the human Jeopardy champions much

Trickle Down Health or Health 2.0 Impressions

Another year, another Health 2.0 under the belt. This being the fourth time attending it is interesting to see how this event and its participants have evolved. Like many things in life, some things at Health 2.0 have changed, some

RIP Google Health

Chilmark Research has not had a very good feeling about Google Health for well over a year now. Back in early May of this year we felt that Google had all but given up and had put Google Health in

Microsoft HSG Bets Future on Amalga

Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group (HSG), which has straddled the fence with consumer-facing (HealthVault) and corporate-facing (Amalga), is increasingly moving to the corporate side of the fence. Not that surprising considering that the consumer market continues to struggle (Google Health is

Defining a Maturity Model for HIEs

Before entering the convoluted healthcare IT sector, I had worked in the manufacturing sector both as an IT analyst and in corporate strategy for Europe’s second largest enterprise software company. In those many years I learn quite a bit about

HIE Report is Released

The long awaited, dare I say anticipated HIE Market Report is now complete and ready for purchase. This report, arguably the most comprehensive report yet published on this rapidly evolving market (116pgs, 21 vendors profiled, 0ver 25 tables and figures)

Where’s the Beef?

Awhile back, Chilmark received a briefing from Medicity about their forthcoming iNexx platform.  We liked what we saw. iNexx fit our model of where the HIE and more broadly, the HIT market is headed, particularly for the far-flung small ambulatory

Cloud Computing, Security & Privacy Considerations

While conducting research for the long overdue and nearly completed report on Personal Health Clouds (Dossia, Google Health and HealthVault) came across a recently published report by the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) addressing cloud computing security.  Though

Covisint Jumps onto PaaS Bandwagon

A couple of weeks ago Chilmark Research did a small piece on the need for HIE vendors to move beyond silo’d standalone exchanges to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model.  In the write-up, the HIE vendor Axolotl was mentioned

Round Two: A Dossia Update

Last Friday had the chance to meet up with the folks at Dossia, the personal health platform (PHP) formed by a consortium of employers. Purpose of the meeting was to get a deep dive update on Dossia and learn more

AHRQ’09: Improving with Age

This year was Chilmark Research’s third AHRQ’09 event. The previous two we attend in 2007 and 2008 left us, how shall we say it… underwhelmed and really did not have much intention of attending this year.  But that was before

Is Google Health Irrelevant?

Scott Shreve, formerly of Medsphere, wrote a good post imploring Google to get back into the Personal Health Cloud game, a game where Microsoft HealthVault now appears to be the only game in town.  Everything Scott says in his post

Stuck in the Past: New HIE Model Required

On July 16th, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) held a lengthy meeting of the HIT Policy Committee where a wide range of topics were addressed by various workgroups.  As we reported earlier, the Meaningful Use

HealthVault’s International Strategy

One of the more intriguing sessions at the recent Microsoft Connected Health Conference was that hosted by Mark Johnston, International Business Development Lead for Microsoft Health Solutions Group (HSG).  During this session and follow-on conversations, Chilmark Research received a pretty

Meaningful Use: A Driver for PHR Growth?

Information Exchange in support of care coordination is one of the three meaningful use criteria cited in the ARRA (Stimulus) legislation, with the other two being demonstrated use of eRx and ablity to provide quality reporting metrics. In many conversations

Tethered PHRs: Cutting the Umbilical Cord

Provider PHRs currently have the largest number of actual users, with Chilmark Research estimating that nearly 70% of all PHR use occurs on a provider-sponsored PHR.  While this is certainly significant, one must remember that the PHR market is very

HealthVault Moves Over the Border

This morning, Canada’s second largest telecom provider, TELUS, announced that they have signed an agreement with Microsoft to licnse the HealthVault platform.  Yesterday, Chilmark Research was pre-briefed on the announcement, here’s the scoop and analysis. TELUS and Microsoft have signed

Bad Data Saga Continues

Since our post on Monday, where we highlighted the potential impact to PHR adoption of the Boston Globe story on one consumer’s less than ideal experience with Google Health, there has been a number of other conversations worthy of note:

HIMSS’09: Meetings of Interest

HIMSS’09 had some highlights from various vendor briefings and conversations in the halls that are abstracted below.  By no means is this inclusive of all discussions, but reflects what are the gems I walked away with from this event and

HealthVault & NY Presbyterian – Closing the Loop on Care

Today, New York Presbyterian (NYP) will announce a significant move forward in care coordination.  Working with Microsoft for over a year, these two have co-developed an impressive platform called is a consumer facing PHR solution for NYP customers

GE and Intel Target Telemed, Put $250M on Table

GE and Intel today jointly announced a partnership to address the healthcare telemedicine market, which they peg at $3B today, and more than doubling to $7.7B by 2012.  Companies agreed to pool $250M for R&D over the next five years. 

Google Picks Their Clinic’s EMR, Focus on Portability

Google recently announced that they had chosen EMR software, WebChart, from the Indiana company Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) to power its three campus clinics, two in Mountain View and the other in Kirkland, WA. MIE is one of the seemingly

Siloed, Tethered PHRs are a Dead-end

The latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is a good one.  First, is but another paper, this one authored by many including our new head of ONC, Professor David Blumenthal, regarding the abysmal adoption of EMRs 

Labs, PHRs, Platforms & Consumer Engagement: A Presentation

Gave the Keynote presentation this morning at the Lab InfoTech Summit here in Las Vegas.  The organizer, Bruce Friedman, Professor Emeritus in Pathology at University of Michigan, asked me to update the audience on what is happening in the PHR

Another Tiny Step Forward by Google Health

Ever hoping for a viable competitor to HealthVault, we keep waiting for Google Health to kick it up a notch.  But alas for us and the broader market, it continues to look like HealthVault is putting distance between itself and

ePharma 2009: Event Notes

Here at the ePharma Conference, just got in this morning and will be reporting on the event.  Last time I attended this event was at the height of the dot com craze where I gave a keynote on eProcurement trends,

Usability Study Compares Google Health & HealthVault

A boutique consulting firm, User Centric Inc.,  just released a brief report comparing the usability of the two leading Personal Health Platforms (PHP), or Health Clouds, Google Health (GHealth) and HealthVault (HV).  While we may quibble with some of the

Feds Launch Two PHR Initiatives This Week

This week, the feds made two announcements that have pertinence to the PHR market. CMS PHR Demo Launches in AZ & UT First, CMS announced the launch of the trial PHR program for Medicare members in AZ and UT.  Beneficiaries

Medicity and Novo Merge: Brilliant or Desparate Move?

While a rumor was leaked about a week ago that Medicity and Novo Innovations would merge, the rumor became official this morning.  The merger of these two vendors in the nascent RHIO/HIE (Regional Health Information Organization/Health Information Exchange) market is

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