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Will AARP be Next to Offer a PHR?

by John Moore | August 21, 2008

Coming over the news wires today is a press release from the AARP announcing that they are now offering their members a variety of online health management tools within the Health section of their website.

Five specific tools are offered:

  • Symptom Search by Healthline
  • Health Illustrated Encylopedia by A.D.A.M
  • Doctor & Hospital Finder by HealthGrades (some customization of HealthGrades for the AARP demographic)
  • Drug Database & Interaction Checker by Gold Standard

All of these tools can be found in various PHRs on offer today, particularly those sponsored by health plans or employers.  So is it a far stretch to imagine the AARP providing a PHR to members as well?  After all, they did do a report on the topic a couple years back so it does not take too much imagination to see such occur.

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