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Webinar – Precision Medicine and Health IT

by Hannah Ehnle | September 03, 2019

In this webinar, Chilmark Senior Analyst and lead report author Jody Ranck presented an overview of precision medicine technology and challenges based on his findings published in Precision Medicine and Health IT: New Data, New Challenges. He was joined by special guest Michael Dillhyon, a digital health and biotech entrepreneur, to discuss data management and patient consent within the context of precision medicine. Jody and Michael finished the webinar with Q&A from the audience.

Key topics addressed:

  • Definition and overview of precision medicine
  • IT challenges, including EHR integration and clinical actionability
  • Emerging initiatives to solve IT and clinical challenges
  • Platforms for data sharing and cooperation
  • Data and consent management forecast

For a deeper overview of the new types of data driving precision medicine and the unique challenges they present, check out Jody’s blog post from July.

To access the slides, please enter your email address for the video or at the bottom of the page. Visit the report page to learn more about the report, download a preview, and to purchase.

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