Update: Google Closes Kimono

by | Jan 24, 2008

Google, inadvertently, then again maybe not – wanting to create some buzz in the market, exposed a landing page one would use to enter Google Health Beta via your Gmail log-in. Landing page also offered a quick link to take tour.

After my morning meeting, as promised in previous post, I went to site to log-in and take a look. No Go. Instead, I received an “Invalid entry”. So went and clicked the Quick Tour, and received the infamous 404 Error message.

Bottom Line: Site is not up for public viewing.

What we do know and can make some assumptions on are the following:

  • Unlike Microsoft or Dossia, Google is not adopting a Utility model and instead will go directly after the end consumer with its own PHR offering. Thus, they will be treading into minefield that has laid waste to many a PHR before them, specifically, marketing directly to the end consumer to adopt their PHR offering. This is a model that will struggle to succeed. For reasons why, see this previous post.
  • Those independent PHRs currently serving this market will need to move aggressively to further differentiate their product and develop new channels to market, for example tailoring their solutions for self-insured employers, health plans or providers. Those who fall to act quickly will be steam-rolled.
  • Google’s PHR offering appears to offer nothing more than what some of the better PHR solutions currently provide. Other than Brand, which can not be easily discounted, Google’s PHR has no significant product differentiation.
  • Expect Google to formally launch Health Beta at the big healthcare IT industry confab, HIMSS at the end of February where Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt will give the keynote.



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