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True Continuous Costing for Healthcare – Webinar

by rob_tholemeier | November 02, 2016

money-bombDespite changes to how we pay for care, the real costs of providing care continue to go up. One way or another, everybody pays for these increases in the form of higher taxes, fewer jobs, lower net wages, increased debt, and reduced global competitiveness. That’s something many people don’t realize, including those in the business of providing healthcare.

While there is a fair amount of speculation regarding what will happen with healthcare reform after the upcoming election, one thing is certain: our industry stakeholders – providers in particular – need to do a better job of managing their costs if we ever expect healthcare to be affordable for Americans.

With that in mind, I’m hoping many of you will be able to join me next Thursday, November 10th at 1PM ET for a webinar on True Continuous Costing (registration link). My presentation will cover a good deal of the information in our latest Chilmark Insight Report, Making Healthcare Affordable: Implementing True Continuous Costing.

This webinar will highlight the major issues that are keeping healthcare out of reach for millions of Americans. I will explain just how expensive our healthcare system is, where the money comes from, and where it really goes. As part of the webinar, I will add to the Insight Report with case study overviews presenting how several healthcare providers have already implemented True Continuous Costing strategies and the fantastic successes they have been able to achieve in reducing costs.

Of course, as part of the webinar I will go into detail on just what True Continuous Costing is, and make some suggestions and recommendations on just how you can begin the road to lower costs, lower prices for you patients, and a much brighter financial future.

Looking forward to “seeing” you on the internet. Be sure to bring your questions for the Q&A at the end.

Register here!

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  1. Really great article and your are doing good works by reducing the cost of health care for civilians, keep it up guys

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