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The ONC Turns its Attention to Interoperability

by Brian Murphy | May 22, 2019

Chilmark Advisory Service Interoperability Domain Monitor (January 2018)

A primer on what is in the first draft of ONC’s proposed TEFCA, including intended use cases, unaddressed but important issues, how it may interact with other regulations, and who benefits.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Congress required ONC to set rules for trusted exchange and information blocking among providers, payers, and other interested healthcare stakeholders.
  • ONC’s proposal mirrors how existing networks such as Carequality, CommonWell, NATE Trust, and DirectTrust work
  • ONC glosses over the patient defections that make providers leery of liquid data
  • Although voluntary, ONC’s proposal says nothing about the costs to comply with this proposed regulation and where they will fall.
  • ONC highlights some important use cases that past effects ignored
  • ONC must set rules for data blocking and decide if TEFCA has any relevance to those rules

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