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The Essentials of Health AI in a Post-Pandemic World

by Jody Ranck | June 08, 2020

What Comes Next for AI in Healthcare?

View webinar recording and download the slides here: The Essentials of Health AI in a Post-Pandemic World – Webinar and Slides.

As leaders of health plans and self-insured companies, you may be faced with critical decisions on how to start the post-pandemic recovery process. Advances in AI can help you stay steps ahead and succeed as you navigate the new normal.

Since early March, next-generation healthcare analytics reveal that people are postponing medical appointments and everything from knee replacements to colonoscopies. In fact, diagnosis of heart disease is down 37%, cancer diagnoses are down 35%, and stroke-related diagnoses are down 38%. Unfortunately, this is unlikely the result of Americans’ improved health status, but rather a precursor to substantial strain to our healthcare system – as patients begin to suffer the consequences of delayed care.

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Why AI is essential for second surge and reduced utilization preparedness 
  • How AI helps organizations “see around the corner” in a post-pandemic world
  • How to address the COVID-19 data drift 
  • Ways AI can mitigate the social impact of COVID-19


This webinar is sponsored by Prealize Health, with guidance and support from Jody Ranck.

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