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Taking the Wii to the White Board

by John Moore | August 22, 2008

At this week’s Intel Developers’ Forum in San Francisco, former Intel CEO Craig Barrett took some serious digs at the current administration and its lack of movement on pushing innovation, including the woeful state of technology adoption/promotion in the healthcare sector. At the meeting where I presented to Sec. Leavitt at the end of July, Barrett was there and he certainly expressed impatience with the glacial pace of change.

In addition to his comments at IDF, Barrett also had couple of demonstrations. The first appears to be a novel PHR developed in Columbia that leverages an electronic RFID card which the consumer would carry. The card gives emergency responders access to the consumer’s medical records and appears to also automatically contact one’s primary care physician. I’ll have to dig a little deeper to find out more, sounds cool.

But personally, I found the second demo to be pretty amazing. It is a novel combination of an electronic white board, software (its freely available), a computer and Wii controller developed by Johnny Lee a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. Concept allows one to create a slick electronic white board at a very low cost. This has the potential to be an amazing teaching & training tool. Below is a brief video of this technology.


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  1. it is pretty cool innovation to invent electronic whiteboard. One of the most convenient way to keep record in the hospital is to research technological tools. Thanks for this post!

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