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by Matt Guldin | February 16, 2017

Medical Professionalism Trumps Health IT in Coordinating Care

As I sat in the Reading (Penn.) Health System ER late Friday night, I had a lot of time to reflect on the research I have been doing lately on care coordination. In particular, I pondered how what I have heard and seen among many demos the past several months compared to the state of care coordination my mother had received earlier in the day and was receiving at that very moment – all this amid the constant cacophony of chirps and beeps emitted from the controlled chaos in the ER that night.

by John Moore | November 22, 2010

mHealth in the Enterprise Set to Explode

The rapid adoption of smartphones and now touch-screen tablets (e.g., iPad) by clinicians will trigger enormous growth in the use […]

by John Moore | October 06, 2008

Monthly Visit to the AppStore

Dropped by the Apple iPhone AppStore (it’s inside iTunes) to see how the health & wellness section was doing. As […]

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