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by ndrao | January 21, 2016

3 Real-World Reasons the Scripps Study Failed

Results from the Scripps study failed to show an impact on remote monitoring inteventions. We think that this news speaks the broader failure of the health IT industry, researchers, and clinicians to design patient-centered models of care. The worst part is – that could be the easiest piece of the puzzle.

by John Moore | January 03, 2009

Might Real Value of Genetic Testing Lie Elsewhere?

Yesterday’s post talked about my recent “plunge” into the world of genetic testing via participation in the Scripps-Navigenics study.  A […]

by John Moore | January 02, 2009

Taking the Plunge: The Scripps-Navigenics Study

In early October, a joint announcement was made by the medical research institute Scripps, genetic testing company Navigenics, genetic testing […]

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