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by Naveen Rao | May 28, 2014

Use As Directed: Getting the Most Out of Patient Engagement Technology

Adoption Strategy Healthcare organizations (HCO) are slowly beginning to approach patient engagement with a strategic outlook that goes beyond the […]

by John Moore | December 09, 2009

Cloud Computing, Security & Privacy Considerations

While conducting research for the long overdue and nearly completed report on Personal Health Clouds (Dossia, Google Health and HealthVault) […]

by John Moore | May 15, 2008

Harvard Conference on Internet’s Future

I got religion. At least religion that part of the savior to today’s, and more importantly, tomorrow’s healthcare crisis lies […]

by John Moore | January 24, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Google Opens Kimono Offering Health Beta

Today, Google opened the doors to a Beta version of its consumer health site.  Based on that landing page, quite […]

by John Moore | January 17, 2008

B2C Dead in PHR Market?

The Personal Health Record (PHR) market is evolving rapidly undergoing a tectonic shift as the majority of PHR vendors shift […]

by John Moore | October 18, 2007

Ho Hum, Google Tries to Keep the Embers Glowing

Google’s new leader of the Health Group, Marissa Mayer gave a very mundane presentation yesterday at the Web 2.0 conference […]

by John Moore | October 17, 2007

Indivo Health: Further Details on Dossia Agreement

Had the opportunity last week to get an update from Will Crawford and Ken Mandl of the Children’s Hospital Informatics […]

by John Moore | October 15, 2007

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault: Part Two (b) – The Experience

Have you ever come home from a strenuous work-out famished and can find nothing in the cupboards or the refrigerator […]

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