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by John Moore | October 28, 2022

Oracle’s Acquisition of Cerner – Best Thing that Could Have Happened?

As an industry titan, Cerner has had ups and downs in recent years. But after OCHC and new announcements by Oracle, the future appears brighter than ever.

by | May 28, 2014

Use As Directed: Getting the Most Out of Patient Engagement Technology

Adoption Strategy Healthcare organizations (HCO) are slowly beginning to approach patient engagement with a strategic outlook that goes beyond the […]

by John Moore | December 09, 2009

Cloud Computing, Security & Privacy Considerations

While conducting research for the long overdue and nearly completed report on Personal Health Clouds (Dossia, Google Health and HealthVault) […]

by John Moore | May 15, 2008

Harvard Conference on Internet’s Future

I got religion. At least religion that part of the savior to today’s, and more importantly, tomorrow’s healthcare crisis lies […]

by John Moore | January 24, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Google Opens Kimono Offering Health Beta

Today, Google opened the doors to a Beta version of its consumer health site.  Based on that landing page, quite […]

by John Moore | January 17, 2008

B2C Dead in PHR Market?

The Personal Health Record (PHR) market is evolving rapidly undergoing a tectonic shift as the majority of PHR vendors shift […]

by John Moore | October 18, 2007

Ho Hum, Google Tries to Keep the Embers Glowing

Google’s new leader of the Health Group, Marissa Mayer gave a very mundane presentation yesterday at the Web 2.0 conference […]

by John Moore | October 17, 2007

Indivo Health: Further Details on Dossia Agreement

Had the opportunity last week to get an update from Will Crawford and Ken Mandl of the Children’s Hospital Informatics […]

by John Moore | October 15, 2007

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault: Part Two (b) – The Experience

Have you ever come home from a strenuous work-out famished and can find nothing in the cupboards or the refrigerator […]

by John Moore | October 12, 2007

Digging Into Microsoft’s HealthVault: Part Two (a) – The Platform

I came into this review with very high hopes, hopes that Microsoft, with its vast resources and market clout, would […]

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