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by Brian Murphy | April 04, 2014

Push for Interop – Two Initiatives Lead Way

Competing Platforms HIEs only add value to patient encounters when clinicians are connected to them. The capability to provide clinical […]

by Brian Murphy | March 04, 2014

Signs of Life in the RHIOs

Collaboration Plans Regional health information organizations (RHIOs) continue to struggle with governance and sustainability issues but have not yet given […]

by John Moore | March 09, 2009

IBM Making a Move on Exchanges?

Today, IBM announced that it has signed-on eHealth Initiative (eHI) CEO, Janet Marchibroda as their new chief healthcare officer.  A […]

by John Moore | August 13, 2008

Why HIEs Succeed and RHIOs Languish

Back at the beginning of the year, I did a Top Ten Predictions post where one of the predictions was […]

by John Moore | March 31, 2008

Naturally, Govt. Looks to Google and Microsoft

With a poor track record to date getting Regional Health Information Organizations off the ground, the Office of the Coordinator […]

by John Moore | February 21, 2008

Taking Baby Steps, Google & Cleveland Clinic Partner on PHRs

Late yesterday, the Cleveland Clinic announced that they have partnered with Google to do a pilot (beta) of the Google […]

by John Moore | February 13, 2008

Civic Duty?

If you get bored of walking the aisles of HIMSS and can’t bear to hear another vendor pitch, well you […]

by John Moore | January 07, 2008

ONC Budget Flatlined – RHIOs Hit, PHRs Saved from Meddling

In the recently passed 2008 Federal budget, Bush did not get his requested increase for the Office of the National […]

by John Moore | January 02, 2008

Predictions 2008: Telehealth Jumps, RHIOs Fade, Legislation Stalls & PHRs Get the Press

A common practice in the analyst community is to take a look back at what has occurred and project forward […]

by John Moore | December 16, 2007

RHIOs Looking Worse than Predicted

A September post provided commentary on numbers the Health IT Transition Group released from their survey on the Regional Health […]

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