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by Colin Rogers | October 12, 2022

Analytics for Value-Based Care

Chilmark Research’s latest Market Trends Report examines modern analytics solutions, a foundational element for the upcoming shift to value-based care.

by Hannah Ehnle | June 25, 2019

Brian Murphy Is Looking for What’s New in the Details

To continue our series of interviews with the Chilmark analyst team, next I turned to talk with Brian Murphy, our […]

by Hannah Ehnle | May 31, 2019

Chilmark’s Founder John Moore Answers: Why Research Health IT?

Chilmark’s founder John Moore discusses why he chose to do research in the health IT industry, what inspired him to start his own analyst firm, and what makes Chilmark’s research unique.

by John Moore | January 21, 2010

Stunned but Smiling

Found out yesterday that of some 500 industry analysts now on Twitter, I ranked 34th according to analysis done by […]

by John Moore | May 26, 2009

KP Flexing EMR Data for Public Health

Don’t vaccinate your child for whooping cough and put them at a 23x greater risk of contracting this nasty disease.  […]

by John Moore | October 03, 2007

Study Finds HIPAA Hinders Research Efforts

Earlier today, I commented on Eli Lilly’s CEO request for greater adoption of HIT and subsequent sharing of aggregate, anonymous […]

by John Moore |

Lilly’s CEO – We Need More Data to Prevent ADEs

Yesterday during his presentation at an event at the Cleveland Clinic, Eli Lilly’s CEO, Sidney Taurel called on the healthcare […]

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