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by Jody Ranck | February 09, 2022

Platform Thinking for Healthcare: A Discussion with Vince Kuraitis and Randy Williams

On this episode of ChilCast, Senior Analyst Dr. Jody Ranck meets with Vince Kuraitis and Randy Williams to discuss an expanding business model in health IT.

by John Moore | April 22, 2021

2020 Healthcare IT: Not All Doom and Gloom

Most health IT companies suffered as projects were shelved and the RFP pipeline shut-down so health systems could grapple with the surge in COVID cases coming through their doors. Most public health IT companies stopped providing forward guidance to Wall Street investors, and many companies slashed their workforces. But like most things in life, there are exceptions to every rule.

by Brian Murphy | March 23, 2021

Hot Take | Immunization Tracking: A Uniquely Pertinent Case for Interoperability

In this Hot Take, our Director of Research, Brian Murphy, digs into a timely example of one of the important ways healthcare interoperability is currently lacking: easily accessible immunization records.

by Brian Murphy | March 10, 2021

Setting the Stage: Integration Infrastructure

In this hot take, John and Brian discuss the modern IT infrastructure that enables interoperability.

by Brian Murphy | August 20, 2020

Open APIs in Healthcare: The Future of Data Integration Webinar

Join Brian Murphy for a new webinar sharing highlights from our recent report on Open APIs in Healthcare. Access the […]

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