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by Jody Ranck | September 27, 2021

HIPAA, Trust, and the Impact of Data Poverty

New tools are being implemented to address data challenges in healthcare delivery, but rising concerns about privacy and inequality need to be addressed.

by John Moore | April 22, 2008

Dis-information Among Those in the Know

Here I am at the World Health Care Congress with what appears to be all the major movers and shakers […]

by John Moore | April 17, 2008

Hitting the PHR Conundrum on the Head

As many who read here know, one of the biggest challenges I’ve discussed regarding consumer adoption of PHRs is making […]

by John Moore | April 10, 2008

Privacy Problem Not Limited to PHR Vendors

While there has been plenty of press on privacy and security as it relates to PHR vendors, especially now that […]

by John Moore | March 20, 2008

Health Record Security – What’s on your laptop?

There is a tremendous amount of press with associated pundits pontificating on the issue of security and privacy of electronic […]

by John Moore | March 14, 2008

Privacy Rights Smack-down in NH

This week, the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire’s House voted down House Bill 1587, a bill that […]

by John Moore | March 13, 2008

Whacking the Privacy Zealots

Matt Holt, owner and master of The Health Care Blog, has an excellent post today on PHRs and privacy.  It […]

by John Moore | February 29, 2008

Microsoft Comes Clean on Privacy

Little over a week ago I had a post that discussed the recent release of the World Privacy Forum report […]

by John Moore | February 20, 2008

Privacy Advocacy Group Attacks PHRs

Today, the World Privacy Forum released a report, Personal Health Records: Why Many PHRs Threaten Privacy. Both the 16 page […]

by John Moore | February 05, 2008

Data Liquidity not Always a Good Thing

Data liquidity is not always such a good thing, particularly if you live in New Jersey. Last week it was […]

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