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by Elizabeth Kneeland | July 13, 2022

Retail Giants Seize Another Healthcare Opportunity

The retail push into healthcare continues with the latest foray into largely untapped ground: clinical research trials. Can retail involvement improve CRTs?

by John Moore III | March 16, 2021

The Golden Opportunity for Clinical Data

In this Hot Take, we’re going to look at the implications and possibilities of an emerging market for clinical health care data. As with most hot button topics in this industry, the situation is nuanced and deserves a closer look. 

by John Moore | February 20, 2009

Thinking Pharma: Executive Dinner with Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft invited me to attend the ePharma conference and assist them with moderating dinner discussion with Pharma executives.  […]

by John Moore | November 19, 2008

Signs of the Times: WebMD Calls off Acquisition

In mid-September, WebMD announced that it would acquire Marketing Technology Solutions (MTS), owner of the QualityHealth website and two other […]

by John Moore | September 18, 2008

Getting the Word Out, FDA Partners with Medem

As we all know, the FDA is responsible for safe-guarding public health, from salmonella outbreaks to overseeing drug development/clinical trials […]

by John Moore | October 03, 2007

Study Finds HIPAA Hinders Research Efforts

Earlier today, I commented on Eli Lilly’s CEO request for greater adoption of HIT and subsequent sharing of aggregate, anonymous […]

by John Moore |

Lilly’s CEO – We Need More Data to Prevent ADEs

Yesterday during his presentation at an event at the Cleveland Clinic, Eli Lilly’s CEO, Sidney Taurel called on the healthcare […]

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