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by John Moore | February 17, 2021

Health Data for Sale – Get Yours Here!

While the selling of patient data for research has been going on for years, this latest gold rush is being driven by the confluence of two specific factors.

by Jody Ranck | August 20, 2015

Emergence of Medicine-as-a-Service (Beyond the Pill)

The move to Value Based Care (VBC) is changing the relationships that pharma has historically had with both payers and providers. The growing chronic disease burden, rise of digital health and commoditization of many drug-disease areas is forcing a rethinking of the underlying pharmaceutical (pharma) business model.

by John Moore | February 20, 2009

Thinking Pharma: Executive Dinner with Microsoft

Last week, Microsoft invited me to attend the ePharma conference and assist them with moderating dinner discussion with Pharma executives.  […]

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