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by ndrao | November 06, 2013

Has Avado Acquisition Awakened the WebMD Giant

WebMD, the once-darling of consumer health who seemingly lost its way following pharma dollars, may at last be coming back […]

by John Moore | March 31, 2009

Google Picks Their Clinic’s EMR, Focus on Portability

Google recently announced that they had chosen EMR software, WebChart, from the Indiana company Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) to power […]

by John Moore | September 12, 2008

PHRs Need to be More than Data Stores

There are seemingly countless PHRs in the market with an extremely wide range of capabilities. However, even in the PHR […]

by John Moore | February 27, 2008

HIMSS – Part Deux

Back home from my two day whirlwind tour of HIMSS. Here’s what I have for you from Day Two. Significantly […]

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