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by John Moore | January 22, 2009

Open Source Devices & Telehealth

Imagine what combining an Open Source hardware and software platform together might do in the medical device industry, particularly for […]

by John Moore | September 18, 2008

Getting the Word Out, FDA Partners with Medem

As we all know, the FDA is responsible for safe-guarding public health, from salmonella outbreaks to overseeing drug development/clinical trials […]

by John Moore | June 19, 2008

What’s in All Those HealthVault Slides Anyway

Yesterday, I pointed the reader to the Microsoft site that had the slides posted from last week’s HealthVault Developer’s Conference. […]

by John Moore | June 18, 2008

HealthVault Developers’ Conference – Presentations Up

Microsoft held its first developers’ conference last week, a sell-out affair with over 500 participants representing some 200+ organizations. From […]

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