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by Jody Ranck | March 09, 2023

Inflation in Healthcare: Can Automation Help?

Inflation in healthcare traditionally outpaces inflation in other sectors; why is this the case and what can be done to mitigate it going forward?

by John Moore | October 17, 2008

Another View of Healthcare Costs

The consulting firm McKinsey has released a short report (caution PDF) focused on the healthcare sector costs.  Unlike many reports […]

by John Moore | June 16, 2008

What Consumers Want? How About Relevant, Personal Advice

Consulting firm McKinsey announced today the release of their latest healthcare centric research study entitled: What Consumers Want in Health […]

by John Moore | June 02, 2008

Is Medical Tourism Set to Explode?

The merry month of May brought two interesting articles on medical tourism, the first from the Tier One strategy consulting […]

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