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by John Moore | May 27, 2009

CCHIT Attempts to Set Record Straight

Mark Leavitt, the leader of CCHIT has apparently had enough and has gone on the offense with a recent post […]

by John Moore | August 29, 2008

Looking for a Deep Technical Guide to Google Health & HealthVault?

Been quite busy here on a number of projects as I prepare for a long overdue break and head to […]

by John Moore | August 20, 2008

Policy Pundits Weigh In On HIT Adoption

The journal Health Affairs released yesterday three papers that address issues revolving around HIT adoption. Quick synopsis follows with my […]

by John Moore | June 25, 2008

Privacy Framework for PHRs

Early this afternoon, The Markle Foundation announced broad industry endorsement for their just released Privacy Framework, a part of a […]

by John Moore | December 03, 2007

AMA’s Filler Piece on PHRs is a Disservice to Physicians

December 3rd issue of the American Medical Association’s weekly news rag, American Medical News, has an ever so brief article […]

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