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by John Moore | February 01, 2010

iPHR Market Report Executive Summary Now Up at Scribd

Chilmark Research has just released the Executive Summary of its iPHR Market Report to the general public via the open […]

by John Moore | August 26, 2008

USB Thumb-drives: Just a Bad Idea for PHRs

In performing the research that led up to the publishing of our iPHR Market Report in May, one step we […]

by John Moore | May 30, 2008

PHR Market Report Now Available

Earlier this week, I had to temporarily suspend transactions that allowed one to purchase the PHR Market Report. This was […]

by John Moore | May 21, 2008

NEWS FLASH: iPHR Market Report Now Available

The long awaited PHR Market Report that we at Chilmark Research have been tirelessly working on is now available for […]

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