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by John Moore | June 04, 2009

Sad Scale is One Sad App

While it seems that there are an unlimited number of consumer-facing mobile apps for calorie counting/diets, exercise, menstrual calendars and […]

by John Moore | May 08, 2009

Atlas of the Human Brain, Cool iPhone App, but Could be Even Better

Recently Chilmark Research was a provided a free copy of the iPhone app, Atlas of the Brain by Sylvius MR.  […]

by John Moore | April 16, 2009

iTriage: Is this the Future of mHealth Apps?

Couple of weeks back had the opportunity to talk to the CEO and CMO of Healthagen, developers of the iPhone […]

by John Moore | March 17, 2009

Apple iPhone 3.0: New Possibilities for Health & Wellness Apps

Today, Apple introduced its latest OS for the iPhone, V3.0.  This new version is a tremendous upgrade from the previous […]

by John Moore | February 26, 2009

Doctor Love, iPhone & Epocrates App

FastCompany contributor and Social Media guru, Robert Scoble, interviews a Stanford physician on his use of Epocrates on the iPhone.  […]

by John Moore | February 19, 2009

Early iPhone Experiences

Couple of weeks ago, my T-mobile contract expired and I turned to AT&T to get the iPhone.  Was able to […]

by John Moore | January 27, 2009

BlackBerry Application Storefront Coming

Following on the hugely successful iPhone AppStore and the more recent Google Android Market, Research In Motion (RIM) intends to […]

by John Moore | January 08, 2009

Apple Dominates Mobile Web

Couple days back we put up a post on the serious money being made by those developing apps for the […]

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