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by John Moore | November 07, 2007

Break out the Champagne – Another PHR Goes Live

Scraping the bottom of the press release (PR) barrel it would seem, Kaiser Permanente announced today their consumer personal health […]

by John Moore | October 10, 2007

A Novel View of Microsoft HealthVault

Coming over the transom is this quite funny cartoon today on Microsoft’s recently released HealthVault, by Dave K. creator of […]

by John Moore | October 05, 2007

Microsoft 1, Google 0

Microsoft has taken an early lead over Google with the launch of HealthVault yesterday. With both companies in a pitched […]

by John Moore | October 04, 2007

Is Aetna Janus with Two Faces?

Just saw over on the WSJ Healthcare Blog that Aetna’s CEO, Ronald Williams is claiming that Microsoft is just pushing […]

by John Moore |

Good Article Over at NYT

The New York Times today has a good article on the Microsoft PHR, HealthVault which can be found here. TweetShareShare0 […]

by John Moore |

Microsoft Jumps into PHR Market with HealthVault – Lots of Questions

Microsoft made public this morning a Beta Version of its Personal Health Record (PHR) platform, HealthVault. This has enormous implications […]

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