Obama’s Healthcare Summit: Hear it Live by Tweet or Video

healthreformAs just about everyone knows, Obama is hosting a huge Healthcare Summit today in DC bringing together stakeholders to have an open discussion on how we, as a nation, can reform healthcare.

To tune into the discussions in real-time you have two choices.  First is the new government website, HealthReform.gov which has live video streaming happening right now from any of the five breakout sessions.  Unfortunately, hard to tell what is the focus of each of the five sessions or who is present.  Having listened to some of these videos, find much of it just common positioning statements.

An alternative is to the straight videos is something called a “twitterfall”  which is a waterfall of comments (actually tweets), by those who use twitter. This particular twitterfall has streaming comments/tweets by those listening to the various summit discussions and providing their own input.

One thing I am struck by is the approach that this administration is taking. Clearly they have learned from their predecessors and are practicing full transparency, involving the public in this discussion to move the conversation forward.

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