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by John Moore | May 26, 2009

KP Flexing EMR Data for Public Health

Don’t vaccinate your child for whooping cough and put them at a 23x greater risk of contracting this nasty disease.¬† […]

by John Moore | November 03, 2008

Healthcare IT, Politics & the Election Tomorrow

We do not like to venture down the path of healthcare policy discussions for the simple reason that there are […]

by John Moore | October 23, 2008

Health 2.0 Wrap-up

Couple of long days and now listening to the wrap-up panel, Looking Ahead – The Business and Society of Health […]

by John Moore | October 21, 2008

Frisco Bound

Fly out today to the Health 2.0 conference which begins tomorrow. With some 1,000+ attendees, this event will certainly be […]

by John Moore | June 05, 2008

Tradition Grapples with Insatiable Demand

Dan Nigrin, the CIO from Children’s Hospital Boston set the tone at this morning’s meeting stating what keeps him up […]

by John Moore | March 17, 2008

Not Surprising, Federal HIT Funding Stalls

In a brief article late last week, trade magazine Healthcare IT reports that federal funding for healthcare IT initiatives¬† appears […]

by John Moore | November 16, 2007

Update on the GE-Boston Scientific Partnership

Recently wrote a brief post on the GE-Boston Scientific partnership, but left a few questions unanswered awaiting a reply from […]

by John Moore | November 14, 2007

Aetna Joins Cigna and Goes One Step Further

Aetna, under pressure from the New York Attorney General’s office, has agreed to change its physician quality ranking system.¬† This […]

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